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What You Must Know about Hookah Charcoal

  • 21 October , 2020
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Hookah charcoal is the fuel you need to light up and heat your shisha tobacco. Before we delve into the various types of hookah charcoal available ...

Storing Hookah Tobacco and Charcoal the Right Way

  • 07 October , 2020
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Those who smoke Hookah regularly develop a personal preference over time. It can be a specific brand, cut, flavor or something else. Trial is the b...


  • 11 August , 2020
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Zahrah has good news for our customers that love exploring new and exotic flavors.After much anticipation, Overdozz Hookah Tobacco is now available...

Averting Your Hookah from Getting Overheated

  • 23 July , 2020
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Overheating of hookah is a major problem for many of the hookah smokers. When your hookah bowls get overheated, it may end up burning your favorite...

Ultimate HMD Guide That You Can’t Go Without

  • 07 July , 2020
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A warm welcome to all the hookah lovers out there. This week we have brought you the ultimate HMD guide that will illuminate every aspect of a nice...



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