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  • 30 March , 2021
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Welcome to Zahrah USA’s weekly blog post. Hookah smoking has become a popular trend in the U.S. and hookah business is a booming market these days....

A Beginner’s Guide to Hookah Shisha Tobacco

  • 23 February , 2021
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There is a common misconception among a lot of people, including many who have been smoking hookah or shisha for a considerable period of time. Thi...

Zahrah Charcoal Burner: Your Ultimate Coal Heater!

  • 11 February , 2021
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Hello hookah lovers, in this blog, we are going to end your heating problems. We all know how amazing it feels when you heat your shisha with cocon...

Hookah Basics: Hookah Stem Styles

  • 19 January , 2021
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Hookahs have been around for centuries. Their forms and features have changed over time. However, many components remain similar to this day. As ho...

Five Amazing Tangiers Shisha Blends

  • 13 January , 2021
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Tangiers has often taken the road less travelled among shisha brands. Leviathan or Blitzsturm, French Jelly, cucumber based Summer Resort, spices b...

How Long does a Hookah Session Last?

  • 21 December , 2020
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There is no definitive answer. Too many variables are at play in any hookah session. If one has to generalize, then a hookah session should last ar...

Top 5 Starbuzz Shisha Flavors of 2020

  • 08 December , 2020
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For around fifteen years now, Starbuzz has been among the most favorite shisha brands for both beginners and connoisseurs. Very few companies have ...



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