Hookah buying guide

  • 11 December , 2018
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Know the difference between brass and stainless-steel stems: Stainless-steel tends to be the most used stem for home use because they are more on t...

How to choose the best hookah bowl

  • 08 December , 2018
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If you wish to buy the best hookah bowl out there, then you first must understand the basic types available and what they are used for. A hookah bo...

How to pack Fumari Hookah Tobacco

  • 26 November , 2018
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Fumari tobacco is more juicy and moist than other tobacco brands so a phunnel type bowl is recommended, though not necessary. Before beginning anyt...

The History of Hookah

  • 19 November , 2018
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We can thank India for the Hookah’s origins many decades ago. However, the Hookah we know and love today has been around since the 15th Century. It...

How To Fix Your Smoking Sessions

  • 12 November , 2018
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There are a few common problems that occur during a smoking session that involve the bowl and the hose port and hose. Let us start with the differe...

All About Hookah Parts

  • 08 November , 2018
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A Hookah may seem like a complicated machine but it is basically made up of five essential parts: the tobacco holder, the stem, the vase, the hose ...

The best way to preserve your shisha

  • 06 November , 2018
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Storing your shisha properly ensures better quality and a longer shelf life. Proper storage includes keeping the package away from excessive heat, ...

How to pack your bowl to perfection

  • 25 October , 2018
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In order to have a great smoking session, it is necessary to do everything right; from the packing and coal lighting to the covering and hookah set...

Hookah bowls used by hookah professionals

  • 22 October , 2018
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The Kaloud Vitria Bowl is one of the easiest to setup, so it could be essential for beginners or those who wish not to spend a lot of time wonderin...

Best New Hookahs From 2018

  • 11 October , 2018
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The Oduman N3 is handblown in Turkey and is one of the sturdiest glass hookahs you can buy. It features very thick glass and intelligent design tha...



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