The most popular hookah bases

  • 20 May , 2019
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The hookah base is where the water goes that keeps the smoke cool as well. Though it might only have a subtle effect on how your shisha smokes, it ...

Best hookah bowl packing methods

  • 13 May , 2019
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It might come as a surprise to you but each brand of shisha has a particular packing method that works better than all the rest. We will discuss th...

How to clean a glass hookah

  • 06 May , 2019
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Glass hookahs are amazing, but contrary to popular belief, they also require regular maintenance in the cleaning department. A simple yet thorough ...

How to troubleshoot your hookah

  • 29 April , 2019
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Check your water level - it all depends on the hookah base but you should definitely evaluate that you have enough water or else the session will b...

New Flavor - Starbuzz Passion Fruit

  • 22 April , 2019
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Starbuzz has added a new flavor to their world-famous line of hookah tobacco that is turning heads. Passion fruit has all the taste of passion frui...

Different methods of packing a hookah bowl

  • 15 April , 2019
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Be this your first time packing a hookah bowl or if you consider yourself a knowledgeable person in the area, there is always something new to lear...

Kaloud Samsaris Bowl How-To Guide

  • 08 April , 2019
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With the popularity of Kaloud Lotus rising, the Kaloud Samsaris bowl has become a trendy hookah product since 2015. The bowl itself is either a lov...

How to pick a good hookah product

  • 01 April , 2019
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If you are wondering if a product is worth the amount of money you are about to spend, then I will let you into a few tips but at the end, the answ...

Top 5 mistakes not to make as a hookah pro

  • 25 March , 2019
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Being an expert Hookah smoker goes beyond mixing tobacco and knowing each part of a Hookah, though that does help. A real pro knows what to do but ...

Hookah Nation: Brazil

  • 23 March , 2019
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Welcome to the Brazilian way of Hookah smoking, filled with colorful views and an expansive diversity that is not regularly seen in other countries...



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