• 11 August , 2020
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Zahrah has good news for our customers that love exploring new and exotic flavors.After much anticipation, Overdozz Hookah Tobacco is now available...

Averting Your Hookah from Getting Overheated

  • 23 July , 2020
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Overheating of hookah is a major problem for many of the hookah smokers. When your hookah bowls get overheated, it may end up burning your favorite...

Ultimate HMD Guide That You Can’t Go Without

  • 07 July , 2020
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A warm welcome to all the hookah lovers out there. This week we have brought you the ultimate HMD guide that will illuminate every aspect of a nice...

Top 10 Starbuzz Flavors You Can’t Afford to Miss

  • 01 June , 2020
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Since our inception in 2005, Starbuzz Tobacco is on a mission to provide you with an exceptional hookah smoking experience which is nothing less th...

A Simple Stepwise Guide to Homemade Hookah

  • 13 May , 2020
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Hookah aficionados assemble! In this blog post, we are going to lay out a simple stepwise guide to make hookah at home. You do not need an actual h...

New Fumari Mix Recipes To Try

  • 30 March , 2020
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Summer is on its way and you don’t want to be caught smoking the same flavor as in Winter. We are here to let you in a few secret recipes that will...

How to get thick clouds from your hookah

  • 23 March , 2020
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Those dense, pillow-like clouds are a hookah enthusiast's delight. Getting those smooth clouds though may be troublesome for inexperienced smokers....

Hookah Hygiene Tips to Protect Against COVID 19

  • 17 March , 2020
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We know that this particular virus strain is highly contagious and is spreading worldwide and fast! Here is a list of tips that will help diminish ...



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