7 Interesting Facts About Hookah From The Experts

7 Interesting Facts About Hookah From The Experts


Hookah dates back to the 15th century and has now become a very integral part of many societies. You can find it to be a part of many social gatherings, especially in the Middle East. Now, the use of Hookahs is spread all over the world and is used by people who love to have a good time. Plus, it is so easy to buy hookah supplies online that pretty much every Hookah lover can get their hands on it. 

Although even after being familiarized with the Hookahs for years now, people still don’t know all there is to know about them. So, after talking to some experts, we are letting you in on all the interesting things about Hookahs. We will be busting some myths, telling some facts, and unleashing some of the secrets as well. 

1. Tall Hookahs Vs. Small Hookahs

There has long been a misconception that taller hookahs always smoke better than shorter ones. It is undoubtedly a myth. Almost every hookah, be it short or tall, will give smoke nearly the same, with the exception of those with extremely small bases that cannot hold enough water to adequately cool your smoke.

What differentiates one hookah from another is the width of the down stem or hose, the lack of air leaks, and a base that stores a sufficient amount of water to properly cool your smoke. Although if you buy from our online hookah store, you will see that each one of the hookahs fulfills that criteria. Since all of them are set up properly, you won’t be able to tell the difference.  

2. A Hookah Is Only As Good As Its Smallest Choke Point

This secret is something we wish more people knew about. Everything comes down to physics. Smoke will move through a variety of pathways as it goes through your hookah. The greatest passageway will obviously be the base, where there is a lot of space for the smoke. The heart chamber, the hose adapter, the down stem, and your hose are the key chokepoints to watch out for. The performance of all of these tunnels will be controlled by whichever one has the smallest opening.

It doesn’t really matter how much area the smoke has to move around, it is guaranteed to be much more subtle when all of the pathways merge into one, the pipe. So, when you go to buy a hookah online, check out the heart chamber as well as the hose adapter in addition to the down stem and base in order to find out how large the smallest opening is. With wider openings, you can look forward to a simpler draw and bigger smokes.  

3. Double Apple Doesn't Really Taste Like Apple

This is one of the most typical misunderstandings among beginner hookah smokers. Given that this flavor is labeled “Double Apple” and that you enjoy apple flavors, it must be twice as excellent, right? Well, not for every Double Apple hookah smoker. It's perfect for you if you enjoy the taste of black licorice and anise with a dash of apple. However, if you were hoping to uncover a flavor of luscious, ripe apples, you will have a hard time finding it in Double Apple

You'd be astonished at how many seasoned veterans still don't know this ancient hookah secret. However, some do pick up on it quite early on. 

4. Plastic Hoses For The Win

Some hookah smokers frown upon the inexpensive, washable hoses that can be purchased for less than $10. However, those are some of the best hoses out there. Take a quick tour of our website and you’ll find a great selection of hoses, be it a regular disposable hookah hose or a crystalized one. Why do we prefer it? It's quite simple actually. They are affordable, they smoke well whether you are smoking alone or in small groups, and if one flavor tastes horrible, you can just get rid of it and get another.

So, don’t disregard the affordable hoses, as they provide a useful and fundamental function of moving smoke from the hookah to you.

5. Smoking Strong Flavors With A Non-Disposable Hose

If you enjoy particularly potent flavors, such as Double Apple, mint, or floral or spicy flavors, you must already be aware of this, but hookah smokers who are new to the game will find this information useful. These flavors, as well as similar ones, have a tendency to leave a ghost of flavor in your hose. So, our advice would be to stay away from such flavors, especially if you are using a non-disposable hookah hose unless you want every flavor you smoke to taste like rose or mint.

6. The Best Shisha Mixes Use Three Flavors Or Less

We appreciate a fantastic shisha mix and are always experimenting to find the perfect combinations. But one trick we have discovered is that combining too many flavors will not provide the desired results. Mixing apple, banana, blueberry, strawberry, coconut, and mint might not be the best idea since all you do is get a muddled mixture with no distinct taste.

You should always be able to understand and detect each flavor individually and appreciate the subtleties brought on by the interaction between them if you keep your flavor combinations to three or fewer.

7. Women Played A Critical Role In The Spread Of The Hookah Culture

The hookah pipe has been in some form or the other for countless centuries, but it wasn't until the late 1800s and early 1900s that ladies started to love being photographed while smoking hookahs and it soon began to expand outside of the Middle East. Women would typically use hookah at home, while men would typically socialize and smoke cigarettes and pipes outside the home. Knowledge about hookahs has increased dramatically as a result of the increasing trend of being clicked while using hookahs.

However, hookahs back then were not something that would be available to people everywhere. This is what actually led to the widespread interest in hookahs.

Now, if you are searching for a hookah store online in order to get yourself accustomed to this culture, check out our collection at Zahrah USA. We have everything from hookah bowls for sale to amazing quality branded hookahs. So, browse everything we have to offer and make your purchase now! 

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