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Hookah Shisha

We have an amazing selection of hookah shisha tobacco products from top companies such as Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Alchemist, Fumari and many more.

Hookah Pipes

We deal directly with hookah companies to bring you the best price on hookah pipes for sale. We have the best hookah pipes from brands like Khalil Maamoon, Lavoo, and more. We have all kinds of styles ranging from Egyptian hookahs, classic hookahs, glas hookahs, and more.

Hookah Charcoal

As a distributor Zahrah USA carries only the best hookah coals on the market. We also have hookah charcoal burners that save you time so you can smoke hookah faster!

Hookah Accessories

We have all kinds of hookah accessories and shisha accessories to help making your smoking experience more enjoyable. We have hookah bases, hookah charcoal burners, and replacement parts.

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Zahrah Spade 2 - A Premium Upgrade To A Classic Design

  • 29 January , 2019

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