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Zahrah Spade Mini Complete Set$ 82.99

The Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah is a small table top hookah for those people on the go that wants to take their hookah with them to a friend's house o...

Zahrah Spade Junior V2 Hookah Stem$ 113.99

SPADE JR COMPLETE SET   The Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Stem, a classic design with a modern touch. The Spade Junior gives you the same experience ...

Trifecta Dark Blend 250g$ 19.99

Trifecta is American made shisha, with a new blend of smooth and sweet tobacco leaves.


The Carbon1 hose is a state of the art hookah hose. It consists of a silicone body which can withstand heat up to 600 degrees and a carbon fiber ha...

Overdozz Tobacco 1kg$ 72.99

Overdozz is one of the leading urban tobacco brands committed to offering you a spree of flavors and fun during your hookah sessions. We have fused...

The Flaca Hose by Hookah John$ 41.99

With so many hoses on the market, great and not so great, Hookah John has brought you yet one more great option. This hose handle is over 15 inches...

Zahrah Hookah Blog

Top Afzal Shisha Flavors

  • 21 July , 2021

Welcome shisha lovers, to another exciting Zahrah hookah blog, where we bring you something useful, fun, and delicious. Talking about lip-smacking,...

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Top Al Fakher Shisha for You

  • 07 July , 2021

We all know about Al Fakher shisha because it is one of the most renowned hookah shisha brands around the globe. Founded in the UAE in 1999, Al Fak...

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The Advantages of the New Zahrah Stainless Steel Hookahs

  • 22 June , 2021

There are six new swanky and gleaming stainless steel hookahs from Zahrah. All six models are midsize hookahs made from premium quality stainless s...

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