A Brief Guide to Modern Hookahs Based On Origin

A Brief Guide to Modern Hookahs Based On Origin


A brief guide to modern hookahs by origin. Find out the history of the hookah and how it got to where it is today.

Hookah designs and configurations have come a long way over the years. The future is all about modern variations and compressed designs. However, the Hookah company's basic objective remains the same - to provide hookah lovers with a strong hit of amazing flavors they badly crave. 

The origin of these Hookahs dates back to ancient times when it was largely used by the Eastern world. At that time, there were multiple issues with the conventional construction, such as shisha leaks into the device’s base, reduced airflow, and stability. In an effort to resolve these issues, manufacturers came up with modern hookah pipes. You can easily buy hookah pipes from Zahrah USA based on your preference. 

The innovation is basically an integration of modern technology into traditional configurations. The new hookah designs are largely manufactured by Western producers. They are then sourced by hookah wholesale distributors from across the world to bring consumers the touch of euphoria they need. 

Types Of Modern Hookahs:

In this article, we’ve put together a guide on the different types of modern hookah styles.

  1. Glass Hookahs

A glass hookah is one of the modern hookah versions that have an all-glass body. Everything from the tray to the pipe and the vase are made of glass. Most of its parts are hand-blown, including a glass hookah bowl, built-in diffuser, stem, and glass hookah hose handle. This results in a cohesive design that is unlike any traditional hookah. 

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Moreover, the glass-on-glass attachments allow strong adherence between each part of the hookah, providing efficient sealing. The glass in most hookahs is textured, which makes it easier to connect parts, set up the device, or remove attachments. 

The main reason why people switched to glass hookahs and abandoned traditional ones is the smooth draw of shisha smoke it offers. It eliminates the idiosyncrasies involved in old hookah models by incorporating glass seals in place of rubber grommets. The airtight seals make the device’s atmosphere quite feasible for quality smoking. It delivers the kind of purity and smoothness in shisha smoke that is unmatchable to any other hookah design. You can enjoy the most authentic taste of your favorite flavors without the impact of rubber or metal parts. 

Aside from practical benefits, glass hookahs also deliver amazing aesthetics. They feature attractive designs that are not found in any traditional hookah configurations. If you want to enjoy luxury smoking with the most visually appealing hookah device, you now know what to get

  1. Brazilian Hookahs:

Sao Paulo is the hub of hookah bars and lounges today. It is also where the need for modern or Brazilian-style hookahs was felt. The design and practicality of these hookahs are greatly relative to native users of Brazil. Still, many non-natives also tend to find them suitable for their personal taste and style. 

Brazilian hookahs have closed chambers, just like any other traditional design. They are also infused with male bowl ports and purge ports. One feature that brings them into the modern hookah category is the recessed hose port’s unique construction. It is located in the heart of the hookah for quality smoke deliverance. It offers a more open draw with the help of down stems and wide gauge stems. This means that, unlike glass hookahs, Brazilian hookah preserves its performance by protecting design elements even while delivering open draws. The pipes in Brazilian hookahs are often covered and do not change with new model introductions. 

  1. American Hookahs:

America stepped into hookah manufacturing a bit late but proved its name in the industry quite efficiently. Today, American hookahs are sold in international markets. They’re slowly becoming the new sensation for hookah enthusiasts. These designs integrate the best features from traditional as well as modern hookahs to create a flawless product. 

The standard cons of hookahs are eliminated in American models to bring consumers what seems to be the most efficient hookah smoking experience. They’ve incorporated aluminum and stainless to develop high-quality products. They are machined and infused with a standard bowl port, hose port, and closed chamber. Each design features a purge and hose that ensure high-quality smoke deliverance without the involvement of consistency issues. Rusting is the last thing to worry about in a well-designed American hookah. You can add one to your hookah bar to impress your friends and enjoy a delightful smoking experience with your companions. 

  1. Russian Hookahs:

Russia has introduced a splash of excitement among hookah users with its modern designs and efficient construction. The hookah pipes have been upgraded to eliminate airflow issues and the risk of tight pulling. They are designed to deliver aesthetics along with modern eccentrics and efficient functionality. 

They come with a steel exterior that does not allow the hookah to overheat. It also comes in a stick design that offers a more dispersed flow of smoke. The base also takes part in improving airflow while increasing the smoke build-up capacity. The design is ideal for people who like dense smoke. At Zahrah USA, you can easily buy a complete hookah set of this type at the finest price. 

  1. German Hookahs:

German pipes feature a perfect seal for hookah pipes. They are built with a stainless steel exterior and offer a threaded connection with a vase attachment. The standard bowl port in these hookahs is quite similar to other modern hookah designs, but what distinguishes them is their basic design. Some come with closed chambers, and others feature an open chamber. In the latter, the ports are revealed. 

The hose port is constructed in a recessed style or a traditional style with protuberance. Some also contain a silicone hose connection that works as the grommet. The draw largely depends upon the brand you choose, but they are similar to Egyptian hookah pipes. Some are developed with open bores as well. 


In short, there are varying options in modern hookahs. If you’re a hookah lover, you probably know of the technicalities involved in a hookah design. Your choice of hookah should rely on hookah features and construction, as this can greatly impact your overall experience. 

Russian designs have been hitting the market rigorously, but American and German brands are also putting together functional designs for higher consumer turnouts. The cheaper acrylic hookahs are also available in the market, but they do not deliver the quality and durability that stainless steel designs will. 

Choose your favorite hookah style and fill it with your most cherished flavors to enjoy luxury smoking. Create denser clouds with Russian hookahs, or enjoy better airflow with American designs. If you’re looking for a premium quality online hookah store, head over to Zahrah USA. We sell shisha, hookahs, and a wide variety of hookah supplies online. Pick up your hookah gear from the leading suppliers of Hookah in the industry!

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