How To Buy Good Quality Hookah As A Beginner

How To Buy Good Quality Hookah As A Beginner


We understand that It could be a challenging step for a beginner to buy a hookah set of the best quality on the first attempt. If you are also willing to get a hookah for yourself but not aware of much about hookahs and the factors that affect the quality of hookah setup, then you have come to the perfect place!

You might look for deals with more accessories at cheaper prices and chances of getting faulty items in less-priced hookah packages. You will learn that instead of price, quality matters the most. We understand the significant factors that beginners lack when buying hookah. Therefore, we have brought a helpful guide to help you buy a great quality hookah. 

In this guide, we will discuss the major factors of a quality hookah setup, including hookah pipes and other things which matter massively. So, let’s get started with the guide and become able to buy good-quality accessories for your hookah journey.

Major Factors Of A Quality Hookah Setup

  • Height

  • Many people think the height of the hookah will significantly impact your smoking session, but that isn't always the case. Only with very small hookahs will the height be noticeable as affecting the session. In this case, smoking from the bowl can cause the metal to become heated, which causes the smoke to become slightly hotter than smoking from a tall-necked hookah.

  • Metal Quality

  • The most popular metals in hookah manufacturing are brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. The metal's quality is a significantly crucial factor to consider. Poor-quality metals won't last as long and will eventually cause problems with rust, air leaks, or even a broken pipe. Before making a purchase, it's equally necessary to conduct thorough research because each company uses various materials.

    Asking other hookah seniors about their own experiences with brand preference is an excellent idea. Finally, because modern pipes are industrially produced while traditional pipes are often handmade, it is more crucial to examine modern pipes than traditional ones.

  • Hookah Tray

  • A hookah tray is a component of the hookah setup that holds the coals. It is generally made up of ceramic or metal plates and is placed upon the base. 

    A hookah tray reduces accidents so that you may have a nice hookah session. Without it, ash and embers from your bowl fall to the ground. A hookah tray reduces accidents so you may have a nice hookah session.

    Hookah trays are fantastic for hookah users who want to use quick-light coals. Use the tray to hold the fast-light coals while lighting them up if you're using them in your hookah setup.

  • Hookah Pipe Matters the Most

  • It's not as difficult to buy a hookah as you would believe. If you want a robust or durable hookah pipe to enjoy a decent session, there are a few factors you should take into consideration before making a purchase. For example, there are traditional and modern varieties of pipes.

    1. Traditional Hookah Pipes

    Don't be fooled by its old-school name that traditional hookah pipes would be excessively cheaper; they are made to last and, with proper maintenance, will last you a lifetime! So they also deserve some value in caring, maintenance, and pricing. The majority of traditional pipes have the following features:

    • Traditional hookah pipes are hard to break because they are formed of one complete component.
    • Brass, copper, stainless steel, or any combination of those three materials, are generally used in their manufacturing.
    • There aren't many bells and whistles on them.
    • They have a more constrained draw and purge.
    • Most are between medium and tall.
    1. Modern Hookah Pipes

    Modern hookah pipes are typically the most expensive of the two. Additionally, they have a unique set of characteristics that help people recognize them:

    • Most modern pipes can be chunked into parts.
    • They are constructed of aluminum or stainless steel.
    • They typically have distinctive caring techniques for the purge.
    • Diffusers are commonly used to disperse bubbles and lower noise.
    • They have an easier-to-use purge and a more open inhale.
    • Most of them are of short or average height.

    With the information above, we hope you will have a clearer understanding of the pipe that best meets your particular hookah smoking requirements. Suppose you carry your hookah along you somewhere at a party or get-together. In that case, you need a more feasible option, for which you can look at more easy-to-carry hookahs at Zahrah USA's online store where you can buy portable hookahs at an affordable price. However, a classic hookah with a traditional pipe would be quite enough if you like to smoke at home and are searching for a more affordable choice; a classic hookah with a traditional pipe would be quite enough.

  • Hookah Base

  • The huge glass or ceramic container that holds the water needed to smoke a hookah is known as the hookah base. The base of some portable hookahs is made of plastic. Add water to the base until it reaches the stem's bottom. The water's job is to wet and chill the smoke as it travels through, making it smoother and simpler to breathe. Must ensure the quality of the hookah base as it can also put an impact on your hookah setup. 

  • Hookah Hose

  • The pipe that you use to inhale smoke from the hookah is known as the hookah hose. It often has a mouthpiece on one end and a hose connector on the other and is made of silicone, vinyl, or plastic. Smoke can move from the hookah's bowl through the hose connector's joint with the stem. There are many kinds of hookah hoses available at our store, including washable glass hoses, aluminum hoses, leather hoses, and carbine hoses. At Zahrah USA, you can buy disposable hookah hose and can experience ease in your hookah session.

  • Mouth Tips

  • The hookah mouth tips are made for solo use. The fast, easy, and clean smoking experience is made possible by these detachable mouth tips. It allows you an easy procedure of connecting and disassembling. You can put it onto the pipe when starting a hookah session and easily detach it when you are done. Since they are made of recyclable plastic, recycling them will help the environment. If you are using disposable mouthpieces, please don't wash and reuse them; they are designed to be used once.


    That's all, then! We hope that the Hookah Buying Guide was helpful to you and that you now feel ready and willing to buy your next or first hookah parts. The topic of today's blog post was several hookah necessities and accessories you should be aware of to have a good quality smoking session. You can enhance your hookah smoking technique for better and longer sessions if you know how each hookah component works.

    Please let us know if you have any further recommendations for hookah parts or accessories for beginners. We'd love to cover them in upcoming blog topics.

    We provide a large selection of genuine hookah and shisha of the best quality. You can check out and buy hookah and shisha online from Zahrah USA at reasonable prices.

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