Ultimate HMD Guide That You Can’t Go Without

Ultimate HMD Guide That You Can’t Go Without


A warm welcome to all the hookah lovers out there. This week we have brought you the ultimate HMD guide that will illuminate every aspect of a nice HMD and help you make the best choice while purchasing one. Without wasting any more time, let us quickly jump into it.

What Do You Mean by HMD?

HMD stands for Heat Management Device. You can call it a convenience tool that will manage and regulate the heat of the hookah bowl as you go on savoring your favorite tobacco flavor. it is an optional thing for your setup. You can surely stick with the conventional foil cover. However, if you are someone who dislikes making an effort to make the foil cover, poking several holes onto it, an HMD is what you need.

Not only does an HMD make your hookah setup easier but also it helps you to maintain good heat to bring out clean flavors from your tobacco. You can easily protect the shisha from the burnt ashes of the coal that add an awful taste to your tobacco.

HMDs in the Market

There are several Heat Management Devices in the market. Hence, it can be extremely overwhelming for you to decide. Here, we have picked some of the popular ones to explain to you the important elements of the HMDs.

  • FlameSmoke One. This HMD is essentially called One because it only fits one coal. It is ideal for short quick sessions.
  • Apple on Top Provost. It is a big boy in the whole list. 
  • Kaloud Lotus. Kaloud Lotus  is the revolutionary device that is iconic for its design and easy to use functionality
  • Starbuzz NAR. This heat management device comes with a thermometer to help you gauge the internal temperature without any problem. 

Besides these, there are plenty of more great HMDs that you may like to check out.

Popular HMDs for You

Though there are numerous nice heat management devices available, a few of them have stood out from the rest. For instance, we have Starbuzz NAR which is a perfect choice for the newbie hookah smokers. Then we have Apple on Top Provost and Kaloud Lotus which have a similar setup. They have knobs at the bottom facilitating nice airflow from the bottom. Provost by Apple on Top is another nice piece that is ideal for little smaller bowls.

What Are the Materials Mostly Used for Making HMDs?

Generally, they are made of Aluminum of different grades. Starbuzz NAR is made of a high-grade Aluminum. For this reason, you are recommended to preheat it, unlike others. HMDs made of low-grade aluminum can melt when placed on the hookah coal burner.

Coals for HMDS

HMDs like Kaloud Lotus and Starbuzz NAR hold three cubes of coconut shell coals in a way they don’t touch each other.

Bowls for HMDs

There are numerous kinds of bowls. Some are customized for the HMD, some come along with the devices. Below, we have listed which bowls make the best match with which Heat Management Devices.

Ferris Hookah Bowl, Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Bowl, Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel Bowl, Sahara Tyrant Bowls, Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Bowl, Firefly Hookah Bowl, Phunnel Bowl are perfect for HMDs like Kaloud Lotus and Starbuzz NAR. If you are using Provost, we suggest you go for a little smaller bowls.

Tips for Using HMDs


  • Initially keep the vents closed, so the internal temperature can build up and warm the tobacco. 
  • If there is no knob or raised surfaces on the bottom of the HMD, carefully rotate the coals to prevent blackout issues.

That would be all for now. We hope you got all your doubts cleared and now you can make the decision!

It’s time to heat up your session!

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