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Shop for Hookah Accessories to Enjoy Uninterrupted Smoking Session

With times hookah parts and accessories may be worn out or become dirty, and you will need to replace these accessories to enjoy an uninterrupted smoking session. If any part or accessory of the hookah is worn out, it doesn’t mean that you need to get a whole new hookah. To enjoy a great smoke session, you can replace the worn-out accessories with the new ones by shopping at Zahrah. We at our online store offer premium quality hookah accessories that will ensure you long-lasting smoking enjoyment for years to come.

Find Premium Range of Hookah Accessories at Zahrah

Zahrah provides a variety of Hookah accessories to enhance the smoking experience. No matter whether you are searching for an accessory for a replacement or need to add to your hookah collection, we at Zahrah offer a premium range of hookah accessories like bowls, hoses, trays, vases, filters, burners, and cleaning supplies. No matter whether your hose gets smelly or your bowl has broken or you want to have a separate bowl for each flavor, we bring an exclusive range of hookah accessories to cater to your requirements.

Accessories that are an Integral Part of Hookah Set

A perfect hookah set comprises several hookah accessories like the base, stem, bowl, tray, hose, a set of grommets, a pair of tongs, and cleaning brushes. Although the items may differ, some hookah kits exclude the cleaning brushes whereas a few kits may exclude the hose, tongs, and brushes. With time, you may need to buy a few hookah accessories, irrespective of the brand and style of hookah you have.

Choose an Accessory as per your Preference and Requirements

Most hookah aficionados are very specific about the hose, bowl, heat management device, or some other accessories and hence they prefer to have these accessories exactly as per their distinct preferences. Besides, you also need to think about the inevitable replacement of some parts like worn-out grommets and cleaning brushes that should be immediately replaced. In addition to it, you may also require an aluminum foil poker, a hookah charcoal burner, and a diffuser while progressing from the initial experiments to the seasoned sessions. 

Popular Hookah Accessories available at our Store

We at Zahrah have an expansive collection of different hookah accessories. You can find the entire range of parts or components of hookah sets, optional add-ons, and other accessories from all popular brands and styles of hookah. Our hookah accessories collection includes:

Hookah Clay Bowl

We offer an eclectic range of hookah clay bowls ranging from a small, medium, to a large clay bowl. Besides, we also offer a vast collection of phunnel bowls available in myriad hues, which is the most favorite bowl for the hookah connoisseurs.

Hookah Hose

Some standard hookah sets do not have a perfect hose and hence many smokers opt to buy the hose separately. We offer an extensive range of hoses right from longer hoses, to silicone and washable hoses. Smokers usually prefer longer hoses as passing them among friends in a smoking session is convenient.

Hookah Hose Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece may not be a part of the standard hookah kit and ideally, you need to have this accessory in your kit. We offer myriad types of mouthpieces that can be attached to different sizes and styles of hoses. If you are looking for an affordable option, you can opt for disposable mouthpieces.

Heat Management Device

Beginners generally start with aluminum foil and swiftly switch to a heat management device. Heal management device is a phenomenal accessory that significantly enhances smoking sessions. Right from the volume of smoke generated by the hookah to the flavor quality derived from the tobacco.

Hookah Charcoal Burner

A burner is an essential accessory, especially if you are using natural charcoal made from grounded coconut shells. You can also ignite quick-light charcoal using the same burner. Ignite multiple pieces of charcoal simultaneously without the inconvenience of holding up a lighter for several minutes. A hookah charcoal burner is also a safer alternative to typical cigarette lighters.

Charcoal Tray / Coaster

A charcoal tray that is a part of the standard hookah kits needs to be replaced after a certain period of use. Besides, the tray may be small in size than the required size. We offer an interesting collection of hookah charcoal trays and coasters that you may use to carry red hot charcoal from the burner to the heat management device or atop the foil. 

Aluminum Foil Poker / Puncher

An aluminum foil poker or puncher is the most appropriate tool to make the holes. The same poker or puncher can be used to sort the shisha tobacco in the hookah clay bowl. Some people use a fork and others may opt for a thin sharp tool. The ideal tool to make the necessary holes in aluminum foil is a poker.

Hookah Adapter / Grommet

A typical hookah setup needs at least three grommets that are also known as adapters or connectors. The grommets may wear out with time or you may need better quality grommets for a snug fit. To cater to all these requirements we offer a variety of grommets or adapters made from different materials.

Shisha Purge Valve

A shisha purge valve is a vital component of hookah. Not many smokers realize the importance till the purge valve fails. When the purge valve malfunctions or the ball bearing inside gets stuck, your hookah will be of no use. You can purchase durable shisha purge valves at our store.

Hookah Cleaning Brush

You need at least two cleaning brushes for your hookah. One has to be slender and longer to clean the stem or pipe and the other has to be shorter and thicker to clean the glass base. There are other types of cleaning brushes too that are meant for the bowls, stems or pipes, and adapters. 

Hookah Hose Handle / Grip

Our expanding inventory of hookah accessories also includes hose handles or grips of varying sizes and styles. All shisha lovers like to use a handle or grip that specifically serves the way they want to enjoy a session. Some users prefer a large handle or grip whereas others simply want a more comfy grasp of the hose.

Hookah Flavor Saver

A hookah flavor saver is a simple accessory that can make a world of difference in your smoking session. A flavor saver elevates the charcoal pieces atop the aluminum foil, thus facilitating a greater distance between the heat source and the shisha tobacco in the bowl. Enhanced airflow and the lack of direct contact with the heat source prevent the burning of shisha tobacco. This helps you enjoy a much better flavor and a longer smoking session.

Hookah Diffuser

If you prefer better filtration and richly flavorful smoke, you may opt for a hookah diffuser. A diffuser creates a bubbling effect in the water inside the glass base, thus enhancing the absorption capacity of the filtrating and cooling solvent.

We at Zahrahusa.com have all kinds of hookah accessories, including bags, charcoal tongs, and replacement bases, stems, and other crucial parts. Grab the latest offers and exclusive discounts and shop for the finest hookah accessories to enrich your shisha sessions.

Hookah Accessories

20 of 411 products