Averting Your Hookah from Getting Overheated

Averting Your Hookah from Getting Overheated


Overheating of hookah is a major problem for many of the hookah smokers. When your hookah bowls get overheated, it may end up burning your favorite shisha that you have packed in it and the flavors get harsh. This is a serious mishap that often spoils the smoke session, but you can easily prevent this from occurring. Today, in this blog post, we will share everything about the sweltering of hookah and give you some very practical and useful tips to prevent your hookah from getting overheated. Let us begin with the prime reasons that cause it.


Overheating of Hookah: The Reasons

If you think it is the burning coals that are raising the temperature, then you are wrong. Your hookah can get overheated because of three things.

  • You have used too many hookah charcoals at the top of your bowl. Your bowl is getting more heat than it requires.
  • Many of us do not even know that too much tobacco in the bowl makes it prone to overheating, as there is little or no airflow.
  • Last, when you are not pulling properly, it can also overheat the shisha. Fast and brief pulls in the early stage not only reduces the session duration but also burns the tobacco. The heat gets concentrated in one area and overheats the tobacco and makes the smoke very rough.


Overheating of Hookah: How to Prevent It?

Try the following three key things to save your hookah from getting too much heat.

  • Don’t pack your hookah bowl up to its rim. It should not touch the foil or the heat management device. When the tobacco is in contact with the coals, it gets burned.
  • Depending on the size of the bowl, you need to add coals to heat it. For the standard hookah bowl sizes, it is ideal to start with three lighted coals. Make sure they don’t touch each other.
  • For the first 5-6 pulls, go slow and steady. It allows the heat to get distributed evenly through the tobacco and you get to enjoy your shisha better. The characteristics of tobacco come out well.


Overheating of Hookah and Heat Management Device

Apart from the above tricks, it is important to understand how to handle your heat management device to avoid roasting your tobacco.

  • First, you need to understand when you should preheat your HMD and how many coals you should place in it. If you are having tobacco with a strong flavor profile, there is no need to preheat your device. Leave it that way. However, if your tobacco is on the medium side, go ahead, heat it a little.
  • Second, do not put the heated charcoals right away in the device. If you have heated your device, let it sit on the top of the bowl and wait for a few minutes. Then add three coals to heat it faster.
  • Third, wait until the bowl is ready. You may ask how to know if the hookah is ready. Simple, touch the bottom of the bowl to see it is warm. It is ready when the bottom is warm. Usually, it takes at least three to four minutes to get ready. If you pull in before that, the flavors won’t be nice, and the session will be shorter. It is much like cooking food. If it is undercooked, it won’t taste good. The same goes for overcooked food.
  • Another trick to see if the hookah is ready to smoke is by blowing out. If you see there is smoke coming out of the bowl - it is ready.
  • Fourthly, the right way to smoke it is by going slow and deep. Take long and steady pulls. fast inhales apply too much heat on the shisha, and it will get burned. Take the first five or six inhales like that. Afterwards, you can smoke the way you regularly do.
  • Once you have taken a few inhales, take off the top cover of the Heat Management Device. However, if you like it strong, then keep it covered. Kindly note, the bowl will get overheated in another 15 to 20 minutes so eventually you will have to take it off. Remove one charcoal once the bowl is properly heated.
  • Finally, if you are getting sour or harsh flavors, then try taking off the HMD for a while. Take a few puffs without the device on, then place it back. This will cool down the hookah.

Next time, when you get your hookah ready, make sure you follow all the tricks and tips shared here and observe how your smoke session transforms.

Keep it hot and smooth!

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