Learn Interesting facts about Hookahs

Learn Interesting facts about Hookahs


You may be an avid hookah smoker and use it recreationally or as a past time with friends, but it doesn’t matter what type of smoking device you use, hookah does fill you in with some intrigue that how it is so different, why it has hookah flavors and who came up with this idea? Like we said, along with hookahs being your daily pleasure or an occasional treat to help you relax and unwind, there are also some interesting facts about hookahs that you did not know.

Here at ZAHRAH Hookah USA, along with the best hookah flavors and hookah accessories we also have interesting stories and facts on your best past time. So buckle up, as we take a trip back into history and dig up hookah origins as well as the fact why people get so drawn into the magnificent world of hookahs. 

Covering the basics: What is Hookah?

While this is not something you do not know the answer to, it is a good idea to cover the basics first before we dive deep into things. Simply put, hookahs are water pipes that are made to smoke custom-made hookah flavors like apple hookah flavor, watermelon hookah flavor, lemon, and mint hookah flavor, and many, many more. You can easily find these in a hookah store or just search ‘hookah store near me.’

The presence and usage of the Hookah were largely present in the Middle East as well, as countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine used the pipe-like device which was termed as “Argilah” or “Argileh”. That is enough history lesson for today, but we would end it by mentioning that the name translates into “pot, jar” and “cavity, hollow”, which is exactly why it refers to the smoking device, and not the substance is used in it.

Talking about the experience itself, it is a mesmerizing experience to smoke tobacco via a water pipe that is traditionally decorated, and some believe that it is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes because of its pleasant flavor and enjoyable hookah smoking experience

The hookah might look like an intimidating contraption at first, but it is actually very easy and simple to use. You can also do it yourself from the comfort of your home, but if you don't know how to set up a hookah, keep reading because we will reveal it later on in this article.

Hookah Smoking Facts

Now that the basic idea of hookahs is out of the way and where did it come from, it is now time to dive a little deeper and explore the history and see where it all began.

Mapping Hookah Origins

If you start reading up on it, there will be plenty of theories regarding the hookah origins, but here at Zahrah Hookah USA, we have taken the time to narrow it down to three versions that stand out the most. 

The most interesting version of hookah origins is that hookahs were used as anesthetics by Indians and Persians and other locals, however, this method was used very early in their history and can be classified as a primitive way of reducing pain by using narcotics

When we talk about 14th century Africa we realize that there were hashish pipes that were found there and scientists and archeologists understood that people used it for recreational purposes as well. And this was the first version of the modern hookah, which is now considered the best hookah out there, which originated in 14th century Africa.

The third version tells us that researchers have found out that on Indian lands there were plenty of used pumpkins that were presumably used for smoking, which can also be classified as the early form of the modern hookah.

Men smoked less Hookah than women

When hookahs largely became popular in the 19th century it was seen that women smoked hookahs more than men. It was primarily because the preparation time for hookah took a reasonable amount of time, time which men did not have. Also, women from wealthy families enjoyed hookah in their spare time.

Bad manners associated with hookahs

In the modern era, hookahs are part of your life as a way to sit back and relax or have a good time with your friends, but this was not always the case. Hookahs were very much part of dinner parties back in the day, and the host took the trouble to get the best hookahs to these parties, and if someone did not smoke it after dinner when they were offered then it was considered bad manners and a sign of insult and disrespect toward the host.

Most Expensive Hookahs out there

Hookahs are very simple devices that have many parts that need assembling to smoke one, which is why complete hookah sets are sold for smokers' convenience and also at reasonable prices. However, there are hookah artists who came up with their own style of hookahs and those were labeled as pricey hookahs. 

There is a hookah out there that is thought to be valued at around $1 million, making it a $1million hookah made by Aurentum Switzerland. The mouthpiece of the $1 million hookah is made of pure silver with a base made of 18cr gold and to enhance its value and look further, the 18cr gold is accented with 24cr pieces. 

It goes without saying that not a lot of people are going to be smoking out of it, and if you do not want to spend millions on hookahs, then there are plenty of hookahs for sale at Zahrah hookah USA, and also at very reasonable prices. 

If you are a beginner then we would recommend the Zahrah Genie Junior Complete Hookah Set that comes with everything you need to fire up a Zahrah Genie Junior.

We hope that you liked the article about important facts about hookahs.

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