How to pack your bowl to perfection

How to pack your bowl to perfection


In order to have a great smoking session, it is necessary to do everything right; from the packing and coal lighting to the covering and hookah setup. Let us start with the basics on how to pack your bowl to perfection. Take into consideration that there are three different categories of bowls, though all will be packed similarly. The first step is prepping your shisha tobacco by getting 10-15 grams of it from the package. In a small bowl, plate, or napkin, start breaking the shisha apart gently and remove large stems.

Afterwards, gently place the shisha into the hookah bowl without packing it down tightly (this allows for proper airflow). You should fill the bowl slightly below the top rim. Take a damp paper towel and press down any shisha that may be poking out. There should be approximately 1/8 of an inch of space left between the shisha and the rim of the bowl.

Following the packing, you will need Hookah foil to cover the top of the bowl tightly. It is important to make the foil taught on the top. Once the foil is tightened, you are now ready to poke 50-100 small holes. Use a sewing needle, thumbtack, or a special Hookah Foil Poker for this job. You can start at the outside edge of the bowl and work your way in with a circular pattern unfolding. Once this is done, you have successfully packed your hookah bowl to perfection.

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