Classic flavor: Al Fakher Mint

Classic flavor: Al Fakher Mint


Al Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Mint flavored shisha is a classic variety that will never go away from the Hookah community. Described as a real, unique mint flavor that is not candy-like, Al Fakher Mint has become a stable shisha for many. It is also commonly used in combination with other flavors, such as watermelon, apple or strawberry. Mixing and experimenting flavors is all part of the fun.

The strong mint hint gives overly sweet flavors a special low tone of ice that mixes wonderfully. Al Fakher gives a medium cut shisha that is best used in phunnel hookah bowls. With a bit more of molasses, a phunnel shape will hold in the juices without causing a mess. The cut may be larger compared to other shisha so be careful when packing your bowl. A little goes a long way and most sessions can last you approximately an hour.

Also, to keep from experiencing an overpowering tingliness at the back of the throat, it is important to experiment with what works best for your personal preferences. AL Fkaher Mint is strong but plesant; the smell is of natural mint. Sometimes incorrectly described as spearmint or peppermint because it is not a sweet mint. It is an icy addition to any shisha stock that will make anyone a fan.


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