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Al Fakher is one of the most popular shisha companies in the world. Many consider Al Fakher shisha flavors to be the absolute finest. brings to you a diverse collection of Al Fakher hookah flavors. Shop for your favorite Al Fakher tobacco, you may choose 250g cans or 1kg packs, buy a single unit or a bundle of up to seven to mix and match. If you have never tried Al Fakher, you are missing out on the quintessential shisha smoking experience. You have to get a taste of Al Fakher hookah to know what the best quality tobacco is supposed to be. Also check out Hookahs For Sale at

The Phenomenon of Al Fakher

Founded in 1999, Al Fakher pioneered the contemporary production of flavored shisha molasses. With consistency and high quality as top priorities, the UAE based company teamed up with leading innovators, scientists, blenders, engineers and renowned laboratories around the world to produce the finest shisha flavors. For over two decades now, Al Fakher has been sourcing premium quality ingredients to make some of the best shisha molasses and tobacco flavors. The company invests heavily into research and development, and it continues to do so, which is reflected in the fascinating range of Al Fakher shisha.

Today, Al Fakher has a presence in more than one hundred countries. It is among the most trusted shisha brands with innumerable patrons. The company continues to innovate and it is one rare brand that actually publishes its scientific research and breakthroughs. The scientific and technological approach of Al Fakher complements their traditional knowledge and understanding of hookah tobacco that is rooted in the Middle Eastern culture.

A Glimpse of Al Fakher Shisha  

For a company that is unwaveringly committed to quality, it is unsurprising that every Al Fakher shisha is worthwhile. However, what is fascinating is the restraint of the brand when it comes to the spectrum of flavors. Al Fakher shisha ranges from simple to strong, various types of fruits and berries, finest tobaccos and an exquisite balance of potency and flavors.

When various companies are rolling out a plethora of tobacco flavors, Al Fakher remains content with the shishas they have perfected. The company does not introduce any tobacco that has not attained its utmost potential. This is primarily why every Al Fakher shisha is precisely what it claims to be on the packaging, label, or product description online.

Every Al Fakher shisha we bring to you at Zahrah has the two characteristic attributes the brand is known for: full flavors and smooth smoke. All Al Fakher hookah flavors in our inventory are original and approved after rigorous testing. If you are looking for Al Fakher hookah, then is the ultimate destination.

An Overview of Al Fakher Shisha Flavors

There are nearly three dozen Al Fakher shisha flavors. The company classifies these as: Base, Core, and Sparcs. The Base flavors are Ivory Gold, Wicked Emerald, Polar Freeze, and Amber Rise. Ivory Gold is a rich creamy add-on, Wicked Emerald is a spicy deep cardamom flavor, Polar Freeze is for the cooling effect, and Amber Rise is for those looking for sour notes or some tangy undertone.

The Base flavors are really to complement the Core Al Fakher tobacco. The Core flavors are Mint, Two Apples, Gum, Orange, Coconut, Sweet Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Berry, Grape, Guava, Grapefruit, Fresh, Cocktail, Mango, Super Lemon Mint, Grenadine, Strawberry, Kiwi, Melon, Vanilla, and Watermelon.

Al Fakher hookah tobaccos in the Core range are as equally flavorful and smooth, yet potent so you can expect them to be strong, but never choky. The Mint is cool, Two Apples is delicately tart with anise undertone, Gum is light and minty, Orange is delightfully zesty, Coconut is creamy and cool, Sweet Passion Fruit is intensely tart, Blueberry is delicious and fragrant, Peach is tangy and smooth, Cherry is rich, Berry is intense, Grape is as rich as aromatic, Guava is woody and earthy, Grapefruit is citrusy, and Fresh is literally refreshing.

Cocktail has an intense flavor palate, Mango is rich and creamy, Super Lemon Mint is a blend of piquant flavors, Grenadine brings all the tartness and cherry notes of pomegranates, Strawberry is lingeringly tangy, Kiwi is densely flavorful, Melon is fresh and zesty, Vanilla is intensely creamy yet smooth, and Watermelon is the freshness every smoker longs for.

The Al Fakher hookah flavors in the Sparcs range are Cool Menthol, Fierce Fruit, Basil Blast, Sub Zero, Minty Fresh, Sour Power, and Smooth Cream. Cool Menthol is icy, Fierce Fruit packs bold berries, Basil Blast is naturally fragrant and spicy, Sub Zero is a blast, Minty Fresh is precisely what it says it is, Sour Power is lemony and tangy, and Smooth Cream is as indulgent as you would expect with a tinge of vanilla.

Shop for Al Fakher Tobacco

Zahrah has an ever expanding inventory of Al Fakher shisha flavors. We have the earliest and the recent releases. You will also find upcoming Al Fakher tobacco in each of their distinct categories as and when they are rolled out. If any of the Al Fakher shisha flavors that you prefer is out of stock, you can contact us and we shall keep you abreast with the availability update.

Buy Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco at Reasonable Prices

We have Al Fakher shisha flavors at affordable prices. We have markdowns too on many products including Al Fakher hookah, and there are sales from time to time. We also provide different modes of shipping. You may choose expedited shipping if you need to quickly restock your Al Fakher shisha essentials.

Browse our Al Fakher tobacco collection, choose your favorite flavors, and buy a single or a set of cans. We have transparent shipping and returns policies. Enjoy amazing prices on Al Fakher shisha flavors at, complete your order online and your goodies shall be delivered at your doorstep. If you have any questions, you can always message us and one of our experts will assist you.


Al Fakher Shisha company was founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1999 and has since been the leader of traditional hookah tobacco production. Al Fakher is known all around the world for its strong and simple flavors ranging from all the fruits and berries. Al Fakher uses the finest tobacco and flaring infusion to create excellent shisha for hookah smokers. What sets Al Fakher apart from other shisha brands is the Middle Eastern heritage and roots that go centuries back. Every taste note of every flavor is nearly perfected to resemble what the packaging claims. The balance of strength and potency in the flavors is what makes Al Fakher one of the most popular hookah shisha brands worldwide.

Al Fakher has been one of the most renowned shisha brands since 1999 and is known for their full flavors and smooth smoke. Founded on Middle Eastern culture, their wide range of flavors, accessories and products, all available online, help unite the vast arrays of traditions centered on this art. Here at Zahrah, we offer you the finest selection of Al Fakher products, including popular flavors from their range of tobacco. Allow your hookah sessions to burst with rich, luxurious European infusions that have been properly tested and approved. Al Fkaher has been offering fresh, quality shisha for many years and they are sure not to disappoint. Buy the size that best suits your needs, 250 grams or 1 kilo. Make sure to select the flavor that you desire on the drop-down menu and be ready to experience one of the highest graded shisha tobaccos that can be offered online at an affordable price.



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