Starbuzz Bold 1KG Tub (Wholesale)

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  1. Apple Doppio. Apple Doppio can be interpreted as Starbuzz Bold‰۪s version of their Classic Shisha, Double Apple tobacco with prominent flavor of black licorice along with traces of hint.
  2. Apple Mist. It is a mesmerizing mix of tender green apple with traces of spices.
  3. Asian Persuasion. The flavor is a unique floral concoction stirred by the flowery beauty of Southeast Asia. This incredible tobacco has a blend of floral notes and potpourri along with some mouthwatering sweet fruity tones.
  4. Black Mint. The Black Mint is an intricate, well-balanced mix of refreshing mint and black licorice. Licorice is troublesome to adapt in the hookah world, but it got a subtle taste in Black Mint giving the tobacco a beautiful flavor.
  5. Black Peach Mist. As the name suggests, it is a wonderful peachy mixture combing blackberry and cool mint.
  6. Brownie. This is a dessert-like creation from the house of Starbuzz Tobacco that got smooth silky chocolate with a delicate sweetness which make it a crowd-favorite.
  7. Code Blue.Those who love Starbuzz Blue Mist will love Code Blue too. In this flavor, the blueberry is swapped by soft velvety grape soda flavor along with powerful minty notes.
  8. Cosmo Power. It got a booting aroma and tastes of floral grapes with sweet cooling effects of lemon during exhales.
  9. Dibs On Ashley. Starbuzz got a thrilling yet mysterious blend with some hidden tones of anise. Those who love the sweet fruity flavors would love the sweet grape and mint tones.
  10. French Buzz. It is a bold and creamy union of orange and vanilla ice cream.
  11. Geisha. It got mixed flavors of peach and smooth berry along with slight minty taste, fascinating for prolonged smoke session.
  12. Golden Grape. A classic shisha for modern-day hookah lovers, Golden Grape is an amazing flavor that captivated for hours.
  13. Grape Freeze. Made from succulent grapes and mint, this tobacco will keep your taste buds delighted and chilled through the session.
  14. Grapefruit Mint. It got the elements of the cool mint and sweet tangy grapefruit making the tobacco is flavorsome and thrilling.
  15. Green Savior. It is difficult to pinpoint the unique taste, but it is more of an enticing mixture of exotic spices and floral elements.
  16. Irish Kiss. When a pinch of mint is added to a bowl of sweet peaches, we have Starbuzz Bold Irish Kiss tobacco.
  17. Irish Peach. Tastes like a peachy gum.
  18. Jack The Ripper. The flavor is best described as a robust concoction of grapes and exotic spice. It gets even better when mixed with Misty Apple or Mint.
  19. Lady In Red. This lady loves combining chocolate with roses with a pinch of cinnamon.
  20. Margarita Freeze. It is much like a regular lime margarita with a subtle sweetness minus the tequila flavor.
  21. Mighty Freeze. When numerous tart lemons come together with ice-cold spearmints, you have Starbuzz Mighty Freeze. It feels like a refreshing lemon drop candy with a chilly explosion.
  22. Mint Colossus. An amalgamation of rich minty tastes this shisha is a stunner when blended with some White Mint.
  23. Peach Ice Tea. Enjoy some rich and sweet peachy iced tea tasting shisha if you are bored of the minty flavors.
  24. Peach Mist. Starbuzz presents Peach Mint which is undoubtedly a fantastic mix of sweet peach with cool mint.
  25. Peach Queen. An understated peach cobbler taste makes this Bold shisha different from other peach tobaccos.
  26. Pineapple Freeze. An exotic blend of tropical flavors of pineapple and cool mint that make it a nice choice for summer hookah sessions.
  27. Pink Lady. This lady loves pink juicy strawberries with undertones of mint.
  28. Purple Savior. A grape soda flavor that would appeal to any grape lover.
  29. Queen of Sex. The shisha features a scrumptious mix of citrusy flavors with traces of mint.
  30. Simply Mango. In simple words, it tastes like our favorite Mango fruits.
  31. Simply Mint. Just as it says, it is simply mint; icy cool and refreshing.
  32. Spiced Chai. Its true flavors emerge out as the bowl warms up ‰ÛÒ it offers you creamy tea-styled flavors.
  33. Tropicool. Loaded with tropical pineapple flavors with a no-mint cooling effect.
  34. Watermelon Freeze. It got a lovely watermelon candy flavor with the freezing mint tang to end.
  35. White Bear. It will take you on a trip to some tropical destination where you will be amid of sweet pineapples smoking your hookah. Smoking White Bear is like smoking a bowl of gummy bear with some citrus notes on the exhale.
  36. White Chai. It is a super-spicy version of Starbuzz White Peach with some great zesty tea notes that you can never miss.
  37. White Mint. Nothing can be more refreshing that this sweet chilling mint hookah flavor. It is miss if you haven‰۪t tried Starbuzz Bold White Mint yet.