What are the best Hookah Flavors?

Whether you like to blow smoke rings or relax while you huff and puff your shisha, everybody has their go-to flavor choices! The variety of flavors to choose from can be a tough decision for new hookah smokers. Let’s dive deep into what flavors are most popular and what flavors might interest you!

The most common flavors you see will include some type of fruit with or without mint. Double-apple, orange mint, grape mint, and watermelon mint are the most popular flavors because they are easy to enjoy and provide a long-lasting shisha head for your whole smoke session. Zahrah Hookah’s website presents a diverse selection of flavors not usually found in most shisha shops. Companies like Fumari make flavors like White Gummi Bear (similar to the white gummy bear candy), Strawberry Jam, and Purple Grape. So if you are looking for more exotic flavors there are endless options for you on Zahrah Hookah’s website. 

You will also find that certain hookah flavors have a rich history and are tied to certain cultural traditions. For instance, Paan - also called Paan Rasna -  is highly revered in India and Southeast Asia. It is an extremely floral flavor that takes you back in time. The Paan flavor is a blend of spices, floral notes, and nuts rolled into a spicy betel leaf. It is definitely a flavor you need to smoke at least once in your life!

Typically, you can find certain flavors that mix really well with other flavors. A lot of smokers buy mint shisha by itself, and purchase their favorite standalone fruit flavors in order to make their own shisha cocktails! White Peach is a very popular fruit flavor that smokers mix with mint. A kilo of just mint and an assortment of fruit flavors is good to have in your personal shisha stash.

A good majority of smokers, however, do not prefer menthol or mint flavor profiles. So if you find yourself to be amongst this group of smokers be sure to try all of your favorite fruit flavors. Fruit heads replace the typical shisha bowl, and give your shisha flavors an added kick! Apple heads, orange heads, pineapple heads, and typically most fruit can be utilized to pack a bowl of your favorite shisha tobacco. 

When shopping for flavors keep in mind that your options are practically endless. Zahrah Hookah’s catalog not only offers a wide selection of amazing flavors but a wide variety of high-quality brands. Al Fakher, Afzal, Adalya, Fumari, Fantasia, and Nakhla are just some of the many options you can browse through in order to find your perfect hookah flavor. The more you browse through the Zahrah Hookah catalog you will see the endless hookah flavor options available to you. Some brands pack their hookah flavors in cans, some pack them into plastic pouches, and some pack them into plastic containers. The amount of tobacco varies per brand, but is all measured in grams. Most shisha bowls can hold around twenty to twenty-five grams of tobacco. So when purchasing your hookah flavor of choice, be sure to keep in mind the amount of tobacco you will be getting with your purchase. So you are able to enjoy multiple shisha heads and hookah smoke sessions.

Unwashed shisha, as the name indicates, is basically unprocessed tobacco. All the brands under this category constitute 0.5% nicotine- which is 10 times more than in washed ones! The high level of nicotine provides a strong flavor profile and dizzy feeling; it's highly recommended for seasoned hookah smokers only, not beginners or those just starting out with smoking from other sources too like cigarettes or chewing tobacco (we're all aware how harmful these two can be). If consumed by someone new to smoking, there will be side effects like headache or nausea... even if you are an experienced smoker and overdo it on unprocessed shisha you may get vomiting! Nicotine content varies from brand to brand but nonetheless imparts a pungent taste that clashes with added flavors when smoked indoors- but never disappoints smokers when it comes to its strength of buzz/detailed taste of tobacco.

Be sure to browse through the catalog on Zahrah Hookah’s website to find the flavors that stand out to you!