Bundle up and save even more with the Zahrah Spade Complete Hookah Set. The set comes with everything you'd need to fire up a Zahrah Spade v2.

Included in the box:

  • Zahrah Spade v2 Multi-Hose Aluminum Stem
  • 9-Inch Aluminum Tray
  • Zahrah Premium Elegant Bell Shape Base
  • Zahrah Aluminum Silicone Hose
  • Zahrah Handmade Clay bowl


Zahrah USA is the leading manufacturer of modern, oriental, and classic Hookah sets. We are here to give you an exceptional Hookah buying experience through our online store, from where you can browse through a wide selection of Hookah sets along with any hookah accessories and shisha tobacco.  

If you are looking for a uniquely designed and durable Hookah set, the Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Set is now available for online delivery. This stylish hookah comes with a high-quality multi hose Aluminum Stem. It pulls through a weather resistant and durable 9 inch Hookah Aluminum Tray that can rest firmly around the nozzle area. The Hookah stem is anodized to prevent any paint from scratching. The Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Set comes with the Zahrah Aluminum Silicone Hose and Zahrah Handmade Hookah Clay Bowl. The practical design of the hookah bowl enables easy circulation of air while taking a drag, thereby giving you that extra hit of the flavor. The hookah chamber is designed for a smoother draw for the smoker, and an improved valve for better smoke release. 

The Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah is available in a selection of vibrant cool colors which are also available for its Aluminum Hookah Tray, giving it that luxurious look. It comes in an oriental yet modern design and is made from sturdy and durable materials. The Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah is super easy to assemble, set up and use, with complete detailed, and easy-to-understand instructions. The compact design of the hookah set makes it easy to set the components together and carry with you wherever you go.

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