There are hundreds of hookah hose styles to select from but which on is right for you? Below we have a variety of hoses that you will find are the most popular in the industry. From disposable plastic hoses to soft wrapped Egyptian hoses to sturdy aluminum hoses, we have you covered. Picking the right fit for yourself is important as you wouldn't want to be losing out on a great smoking session just because the hose doesn't match your style. Ideally, you should be looking for a hose that will last you a long time, is comfortable to hold for long periods of time, and is easy to clean.
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1.8M Hookah Shisha Hose With 260MM Aluminum Stem

Brand Name: HORNETShape: Straight TypeTechnics: LacquerMaterial: Siliconesize: 1.8muse: shisha hoseis_customized: YesMaterial: Silicone
$ 18.99 Sold Out

Aluminum Dream Hose D Hose

The Aluminum handled Dream hose is the latest D-Hose and quite possibly the finest hookah hose on the market. Featuring an anodized aluminum hookah hose handle and hose tip, the...
$ 24.99

Droid Silicone Hookah Shisha Hose

About the product Extra wide opening for maximum draw Sleek and comfortable design Compatible with most male and female mouth tips Comes in a variety of colors Washable, rust-proof, and...
$ 19.99

Egyptian Washable Hookah Hose

This modern washable hookah hose measures 72 inches in length and is fully washable. Made of durable materials this hose features a clear acrylic mouthpiece with a wide gauge for excellent air...
$ 17.99

French Tip Washable Hose

Zahrah french Tip Hose with a Long HandleThese simple washable plastic hoses are a fantastic and affordable choice.These hookah hoses can be washed over and over to remove dust or...
$ 8.99
Glass Hose Replacement TIP FITS and Works with Most Glass Hoses and Dream hoses Glass Hose Replacement TIP FITS and Works with Most Glass Hoses and Dream hoses

Glass Hose Replacement TIP FITS and Works with Most Glass Hoses and Dream hoses

Broken hookah Glass tip?  Works with all hookah Dream hoses 7" long glass handle  *Glass tip only - no hose included 
$ 9.99

Glass Tip Silicon Washable Hookah Hose

* 72 Inch Medical Grade Silicon hose that is very flexible and Easy to Clean * Aluminum Handle and Matching Hose Connector that has been Anodized and is Rust Resistant...
$ 19.99

Heavy Hitter Luxury Braided Aluminum Handle

Aluminum Handle Washable Hose Medical Grade Silicone Hose Braided Cover For Silicone To Prevent Dust Collection
$ 34.99


This is the newest  Hose on the market! LEDHOSE By Shisha Land. The first rechargable LED Hookah Hose Aluminium and Acrylic Handle  Medical Grade Silicone Washable Includes Usb cable Three...
$ 39.99

Oduman Hose Replacement

Oduman Hose Replacement fits any Oduman Hookah
$ 19.99 Sold Out

Replacement Babylonian Hookah Hose

Replacement Babylonian Hookah Hose 
$ 24.99 Sold Out
Replacement Z41 Glass Hose

Replacement Z41 Glass Hose

This washable silicon glass hose is perfect for glass hookahs, easy to wash and clean, flexible with wide diameter, light weight. it comes with a glass tip easy to clean....
$ 29.99
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