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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Shop for Haze Shisha at Zahrahusa.com for an Unforgettable Hookah Experience

With years of experience, Haze is a pioneer of the U.S. flavored hookah tobacco industry, producing hand-crafted premium blends of shisha. Based in Texas, this shisha brand is a vision of an elite team of enthusiasts, who created the ultimate hookah tobacco that is flavored to unparalleled perfection. Each Haze shisha flavor is excellent and comes with the patented Stack N Haze containers to eliminate the storage hassles. Made using some of the finest ingredients, this brand of shisha will send you on a tasty journey that is full of distinct and delightful flavors assuring huge fluffy clouds. The Haze shisha flavors are simply amazing that will leave the smokers craving for more. Smoking enthusiasts looking for Haze shisha can shop at our store for an unforgettable hookah experience.

About Haze Shisha

Haze shisha is a kind of premium water pipe tobacco known for its distinct, bold flavors and long-lasting quality. This shisha brand was launched in 2011 in Houston, Texas to create a prime quality unique flavored line of hookah shisha for hookah enthusiasts. This tobacco product is made specifically for those who expect simply the best line of tobacco products. Catering to the taste of the hookah community, Haze tobacco produces flavors that are rich in taste and heavy on clouds. The quality and flavors of the Haze are second to none and always leave the smokers craving for more.    

Satiate your Smoking Sessions with Flavorsome Haze Shisha

Haze shisha has been in the hookah industry since 2011 and is consistently hailed for its premium tobacco flavors. Made using the world's finest combination of ingredients, Haze has perfected the art and science of handcrafting shisha tobacco. The bold and distinct flavors of Haze shisha stay consistent throughout the smoking session. Hookah enthusiasts who crave voluminous smoke, rich flavors, smooth textures, and long-lasting sessions will simply fall in love with the shisha brand. Though most of the popular shisha flavors of Haze are blends, enthusiasts can further mix and match the combinations for a truly personalized smoking session. 

Explore Grand Range of Haze Shisha Flavors

Since its inception, Haze has released around eighty shisha flavors to delight hookah enthusiasts with the exemplary range of tobacco flavors. The grand range of Haze shisha flavors include Apple Krush, Bananarama, Beat The Heat, Blackberry, Cotton Clouds, Carnival Nights, Cucumberita,  Hey Man, Nice Dreams, Whooo Wheee, What A Mint, Ultimint, Twice the Apple, Still Smokin’, Cherry, Chocolate Ice, Coco Roast Skills on the Rocks, Seduction, Quack Quack, Pumpkin Pleasure, Pearlicious, Peachella, Peach Cooler, Passion, Orange Swirl, Ohh Chata, Melon Blast, Majestic Bru, Lime it Up, Intensity, Ice Berg, Hey Man, Haze Colada, Hardcore, Eve’s Temptation, Double Bubble and 5 Cents a Cup.

Bestsellers Range of Haze Shisha

Haze offers a few enticing shisha flavors that have been a runaway success, not only in the United States but across several countries in the world. Besides, some of the recent launches of Haze shisha flavors have also become a must-have for any hookah connoisseur. Bestsellers range of Haze shisha include Purple Krush, Icy Tango, Mint Supreme, Iced Cucumberita, Subzero, Pineapple Krush, Pacoca, Oh Boy Explosion, Nice Dreams, Mint Lemonade, Frozen Lakes, Bunch of Fruit, Bananarama, Beat the Heat, and Double Bubble. The sheer variety of Haze shisha comprising of singular profiles and blends of delicious ingredients have made hookah connoisseurs fans of this product. While shopping at Zahrahusa.com, you will be exposed to the finest range of shisha flavors.

Dive into the Deliciousness of Haze Shisha

Different Haze shisha flavors will provide you a distinct taste and come with a unique name. Though some of the flavors' names may not give you an idea about the exact taste, but we have covered the taste of different flavors for you.

  • Purple Krush has the richness of grape with sweet coolness of soda
  • Icy Tango has a tangy flavor due to orange and refreshing effect due to ice mint
  • Mint Supreme is a dial-up of the minty quotient by several notches
  • Suga Mint is as sweet as it is minty
  • Sinful Mint has the goodness of cinnamon blended with a natural coolness
  • Iced Cucumberita is a cucumber margarita with ice
  • Yummy Madness is the juiciness of candy and gummy rolled into a youthful and vibrant Haze tobacco
  • Haze tobacco Whooo Wheee flavor packs peaches with red berries
  • ‘What A Mint’ brings peppermint cream with ice
  • Ultimint has extreme minty flavors
  • Twice the Apple and Trash Can Punch have fruit fusion
  • Summer Time has mostly tropical fruits flavors
  • Subzero is good for the summer
  • ‘Skills on the Rocks’ is an awesome flavor for the winter months
  • Seduction is a treat for anyone who loves citrus fruits
  • Quack Quack is a frozen mix of fruits
  • Pumpkin Pleasure is akin to a dessert
  • Pineapple Krush is sweet and cool in equal measures
  • Pearlicious is a cool and refreshing beverage of the perennial favorite pear
  • Peachella has peach and vanilla flavor
  • Peach Cooler is peach with a tinge of iciness

Shop for Haze Tobacco at Zahrah

We at ZahrahUSA.com bring to you a diverse range of Haze shisha flavors in three propositions in the 250 grams pack. You may shop for one can at a time or may even opt for a combination of five or seven cans in one purchase. While shopping for Haze shisha at our store, you can mix and match diverse flavors in the packs of five or seven cans. We also provide significant discounts on offer time and again for hookah enthusiasts. You can confidently shop for your favorite Haze shisha flavors at our store at an affordable price.


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