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Most hookahs are made of more than one material. The bowl is usually made from clay. The base is almost always glass. The stem or pipe may be stainless steel, aluminum, wood, brass, or a combination of these materials. Some hookah stems have leather or leatherette embellishments. Use of rubber, aluminum, ceramic, acrylic, and plastic is also common. While all major brands of hookahs offer a choice when it comes to materials, there is a distinct option at your discretion. You can choose a glass hookah.

Glass Hookahs are Gorgeous

Everyone has their individual preference. Many smokers like stainless steel hookahs. Some prefer carbon fiber hookahs. Irrespective of personal preference, there is no denying the sheer gorgeousness of glass hookahs. Whatever materials go into the various components of a shisha setup, you are likely to go for a glass base. You could very well opt for an all glass hookah.

Manufacturers are consumers prefer glass bases because of transparency. A user has to be able to see the water level to gauge if it is adequate. The playful bubbling of the water as the smoke is drawn out through the hose is also a pleasant integral part of using a shisha. Imagine having an all glass hookah that lets you see through the entire process.

Glass hookahs can become a centerpiece in a shisha room, not just at a house but also in a bar, lounge, and other places. Every premium hookah has a certain level of aesthetic elegance. Glass hookahs are simply in a league of their own. The only concern could be fragility. With manufacturers having enhanced the sturdiness of most types of glass used in hookahs these days, a little care and you can have such shishas stand the test of time.

Advantages of an All Glass Hookah

The physical attributes or the cosmetic beauty of glass hookahs is not the only reason for anyone to consider this option. Glass hookahs are much better than others due to a few consequential factors. Let us highlight the advantages of glass hookahs.

Glass is a Neutral Material

Anyone who has used a hookah for a considerable period of time is aware of the influence of various materials. Stainless steel can be classified as a neutral material, but it still falls short of glass. Wood retains flavors, and it also absorbs nicotine. Leather and rubber are certainly more absorbent. Carbon fiber is not as neutral as glass. Even if you consider brass, aluminum and other materials, including clay or ceramic of the bowl, there are some residual traces.

Glass is undoubtedly the most neutral material you can have for a hookah. Thus, glass hookahs will provide you the cleanest and most flavorful smoke. Quality glass does not absorb any flavor or odor. It does not impart any flavor or odor either. Unless you are perpetually putting off an imperative cleaning routine, glass shall deliver the best smoking experience using any shisha flavor.

Glass is Easy to Clean

Glass may demand a little meticulousness, but it also simplifies life later. Cleaning glass is much easier than trying to get rid of all residual traces from stainless steel. Wood is very difficult to clean thoroughly. Brass has its challenges, as the plating may be damaged if you are too tough on it while rinsing. Quality glass can be cleaned effortlessly.

Materials tend to lose their sheen in due course of time, and also depending on the frequency of use. From stainless steel to aluminum, wood to brass, rubber to leather, all materials undergo degradation, at least cosmetically if not structurally. Glass retains its sheen much longer and more conveniently. A good wash, an effective rinse, and a bit of dry patting or rubbing can make glass hookahs shine anew.

Glass provides Better Interaction

The third noteworthy benefit of glass hookahs is the real time interaction. As a user, you do not have to presume if the stem is dirty enough to be cleaned right now. You will not have to wonder if there is any obstruction inside the stem or pipe. If you choose an all glass hookah, and if it is clear or conveniently transparent, then you can interact with everything inside in real time. No other material offers a see-through interaction. All these advantages make glass hookahs a more practical option.

Buy a Clear Glass Hookah

A clear glass hookah assures neutrality, simplifies cleaning, and enhances real time interaction through a session. There are of course other types of glass hookahs. You can choose different shades. Colorful glass hookahs would affect the degree of transparency, but they will not be opaque. So, you will still have the benefit of easy interaction. The hue of a glass hookah will not impair the cleaning routine. It would still be neutral and not affect or influence the smoke, its flavor, aroma, or texture.

You can go beyond a conventional clear glass hookah. Some companies have lighting fixtures, special design elements, and other features that further enhance the aesthetics and also the vibe of the shisha. Changing lights, special effects when the smoke interacts with the water, and the awesome clouds you would draw can make your sessions truly exciting and satiating.

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Glass hookahs have become the modern standard of smoking hookah with elegance and style. A major benefit of smoking from glass hookahs is that you can clearly (literally) see how clean or dirty the hookah is. Besides that, glass hookahs do not retain residue smoke or smell of the previous flavors as much as hookahs that use other materials. Glass hookahs are becoming popular for personal use as well as hookah lounges and at parties. If you're ready to handle that fragile nature of these hookahs, they are a great investment. You will get a clean and smooth smoke and be able to taste the flavor much better. Selecting the right glass hookah can be a challenge, so be sure to get in touch with us and we will recommend you a few that may fit your needs and preferences. As always, we provide lots of reviews, pictures, galleries, and videos so you can research yourself and make a sound decision when purchasing a hookah hookah.

Glass Hookahs

27 products