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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
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Fantasia Shisha 200g

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Fantasia is a highly reputed shisha producer founded in 2005 that took the hookah industry by storm with its exquisite, juicy hookah tobacco. The company specializes in cocktail blends and “party life flavors” that are simply delicious, unique, and mouth-watering. It is one of the highly popular flavored tobacco brands in the United States that has become everyone’s favorite in hookah lounges and bars across the nation. Offering rich and refreshing flavors like no other Fantasia shisha is hand-made in the U.S. and features many unique and distinct flavors for hookah enthusiasts. Fantasia is on the cutting edge crafting mouth-watering shisha flavors to take your hookah session to the next level. Hookah connoisseurs looking for Fantasia shisha flavors can shop at

About Fantasia Shisha

Fantasia is a popular shisha brand in the U.S. that is handmade and features unique flavors like cocktail flavors designed especially for the party lifestyle. Fantasia shisha is made from the high-quality Virginia tobaccos grown in the U.S that are carefully blended with the highest quality ingredients. All the ingredients are precisely blended to infuse exotic flavors that consistently provide full, thick smoke throughout your hookah session. Available in over 100 tantalizing flavors, every fantasia shisha is packaged in air-tight bags to maintain the flavor and freshness. Fantasia formulates their flavored shisha products entirely in Orange County, California, and due to their dedicated operations and sound investment, the company is able to have superior quality control and an innovative line of products.

Fantasia – U.S Most Favorite Flavored Shisha Brand

The premium hookah flavors are the company's specialty and Fantasia has created many signature flavors to be the leaders in the hookah industry. Boasting over 100 flavors in various types of products, the company offers a wide array of hookah products that is sure to meet the demands and price comfort of hookah enthusiasts. Fantasia core competency lies in innovating hookah flavors, as the company import, collect, and blend flavoring components from all over the world such as France, Belgium, Egypt, U.S, and other countries to make sure that each signature flavor is formulated using the finest ingredients. Fantasia carefully tests its every flavor for quality and accuracy before release. Many of Fantasia's flavors are protected and trademarked to maintain exclusivity and uniqueness.

Explore Extraordinary Flavors of Fantasia Shisha at Zahrah

Though Fantasia is the newest brand of shisha but in short-duration has become notable and a favorite of hookah enthusiasts due to its rich thick smoke and full flavor. The company has introduced some mouth-watering flavors keeping in mind the party and nightlife scene. The company markets signature shisha flavors for the energetic crowd that knows to enjoy life to its fullest. Some of the popular flavors of Fantasia shisha include Adios, 4 Play, Ice Mint, Blueberry, Cuban Mojito, Incredible, Dragon Breath, Golden Double Apple, Mary Jane, Menage, Pink Lemonade, Peach Fuzzy Mavel, Purple Haze, Magic Dragon, Dirty Blonde, Jolly Molly, Melon Ice, Dirty Blonde, Ice Mint, Ace of Spades, Kali Drizzle, and many more. We at Zahrah cover hookah enthusiasts who are a fan of classics Fantasia flavors that are based on traditional tastes. Fantasia has added an extra bit of its flair to all the favorite classical flavors like Aurora, Hydroponics, Red Lightning, etc. Even the most basic flavors of Fantasia taste extra full-on smoking. Made using some of the thickest molasses in the industry, Fantasia shisha flavors are a class apart.

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No matter whether you have a taste for the traditional flavor or the exotic flavor, or the dessert flavor, you are sure to find all the Fantasia flavors here at We are surely the best source to procure a diverse range of Fantasia flavors as we serve hookah enthusiasts with premium quality Fantasia shisha that blends traditional hookah smoking satisfaction with contemporary lifestyles. This shisha brand is highly in demand among hookah lounge and retail stores because of its outlandish flavors and brilliant packaging that maintain the freshness and flavors for a long. You can buy fantasia shisha in small as well as bulk quantity depending on your requirement, though buying in wholesale will allow you to buy at reasonable prices. Online orders worth more than $135 are shipped for free to anywhere within the country.

Fantasia Shisha

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