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Nakhla is the second most popular brand of shisha tobacco in the world. It is the oldest manufacturer of hookah tobacco as we know it today. The first ever readymade Nakhla tobacco was rolled out in 1913, a time when much of the western world had very little to no idea about hookah. Originating in Egypt, Nakhla tobacco is currently available in more than thirty six countries. The company has been a pioneer in the niche, constantly innovating and developing new flavors, improving distinct concoctions, and providing a richly satisfying experience to smokers worldwide.

History of Nakhla Tobacco

A vast majority of hookah makers and shisha tobacco manufacturers operating in the United States have a relatively short history, as most of them were founded in this century. Only a handful of the major brands trace their origins to the bygone era. Nakhla tobacco was the first original shisha flavor, which was preceded by unflavored or flavorless readymade products for decades.

Nakhla tobacco expanded its presence throughout Delta Egypt from 1914 and developed a base in Cairo by 1958. Innovation, experimentation, knowledge and craftsmanship of their blenders and the many secret recipes of the founders led to the production of the first flavored hookah shisha in the world. Through much of the 1980s, Nakhla tobacco took the realm of hookah by storm. By 1988, there were three flavors of Nakhla tobacco: Apple, Apricot, and Strawberry.  

At the turn of the decade in 1991, Nakhla tobacco launched Two Apples. The secret recipe comprising twenty eight flavors became an instant bestseller. It swiftly attained the status of a flagship Nakhla tobacco. Throughout the 1990s, Two Apples remained a rage. It is still the most selling shisha tobacco flavor in the world. The popularity of Two Apples has not dimmed one bit in three decades.

Nakhla tobacco is the legacy of its founder Ahmed Saleh Elibiary and three subsequent generations of hookah enthusiasts and experts. In 2013, Nakhla was acquired by Japan Tobacco Inc. The brand continues to be an integral part of the global business interests of JTI. Nakhla tobacco has grown well beyond the original unflavored and flavored shishas, the Apple, the Apricot, and the Strawberry, as well as its flagship Two Apples. Today, there are around two dozen Nakhla tobacco flavors, and each one continues to be regarded as amongst the most premium shisha products.

The Legacy of Ahmed Saleh Elibiary

Nakhla tobacco’s story began in a humble shop in 1913. The tobacco shop was owned by Saleh Mohamed Elibiary, the father of Ahmed Saleh Elibiary. An inquisitive and innovative entrepreneur of his time, young Elibiary had the affinity to sense opportunity through problems.

Legend has it that one day Elibiary was at his father’s shop called Saleh Mohamed Elibiary & Son in the Egyptian town of Shebin El Kom. One of the customers at the shop picked up some tobacco and asked for a thicker pack in the pouch. Egyptian smokers of the time used to buy unprocessed tobacco. They used to cut the pieces, mix them with some molasses, and then smoke the blend using a shisha.

Young Elibiary had encountered similar requests from other customers. He knew that the smokers were in need of readymade tobacco. The slight original spark led to innovation, which paved the way for Nakhla tobacco. Elibiary made the first Mu’assel or shisha tobacco that could be smoked in a hookah straightaway. This was of course unflavored at the time. In 1988, Nakhla tobacco flavors stunned one and all.  

A Glimpse of Nakhla Tobacco Flavors

‘Nakhla’ means palm tree in Arabic. In the past three decades, Nakhla tobacco has transcended Egypt to reach Bahrain, Benin, Chad, Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen in the region. Nakhla hookah tobacco is now widely available in Austria, Canary Islands, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, Panama, Poland, Russia, and the United States of America.

The glorious portfolio of Nakhla tobacco flavors includes the legendary Two Apples, Lemon and Mint, Grapes, Blueberry, Cherry, Licorice, Mint, Lemon, Apple (which is actually green apple), Blueberry & Mint, Cappuccino, Coconut, Mixed Fruits, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Spearmint Gum, Strawberry, Sweet Melon, and Watermelon. Most Nakhla shisha tobacco flavors are available in a variety of sizes, including 250 grams and 1000 grams or 1 kilo.

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