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Mazaya is a well-established and leading manufacturer and distributor in the Middle East of high-quality cigarettes and has since expanded their domain to the production of tobacco-molasses. Their Mazaya brand was launched in 2010 and has gained popularity thanks to their premium French tobacco resources. Notwithstanding, their line of flavors lean towards European influences, however, they offer one of the best variety of flavors available in the shisha industry. Mazaya understands that hookah smokers are diverse, culturally and in their taste preferences, and that is why they provide more than 50 flavors! Their company is focused on quality, consumer satisfaction and transparency of all their products and have teamed up with companies specialized in flavor-manufacturing to continuously renew their selection. Zahrah carries all the scrumptious Mazaya flavors and you can buy any one of them in their 250-gram presentation.



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