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Haze Tobacco is based out of Texas and has been in the industry for many years. Haze Tobacco associates themselves with being the pioneers of the USA flavored tobacco industry. Their flavors and packaging is easily distinguishable from other hookah companies. Haze Tobacco consists of extremely elegant and knowledgeable executives who know what tastes the hookah community is craving. Haze Tobacco is known for producing flavors that are rich in taste and heavy on clouds. The flavors Haze produces are second to non and always leave the smoker wanting more.


Haze tobacco flavors are bold, distinct, and stay consistent throughout an entire session. Every Haze tobacco is handcrafted to attain the desired quality. The brand has been in the hookah realm since 2011 and is routinely hailed for several of its most premium tobacco flavors. Haze has perfected the art and science of handcrafting shisha tobacco. If you own a water pipe or hookah, then you should have at least a few Haze tobacco flavors for satiating smoking sessions.

The Grand Range of Haze Tobacco

Around eighty Haze tobacco flavors have been released since the inception of the company. The more recent launches have been runaway bestsellers, not only in the United States but across several countries in the world. Some of these bestsellers are Purple Krush, Icy Tango, Mint Supreme, Iced Cucumberita, Subzero, Pineapple Krush, Pacoca, Oh Boy Explosion, Nice Dreams, Mint Lemonade, Frozen Lakes, and Bunch of Fruit or B.O.F.

The grand range of Haze shisha tobacco also includes Suga Mint, Sinful Mint, Yummy Madness, Whooo Wheee, What A Mint, Ultimint, Twice the Apple, Trash Can Punch, Summer Time, Skills on the Rocks, Seduction, Quack Quack, Pumpkin Pleasure, Pearlicious, Peachella, Peach Cooler, Passion, Orange Swirl, Ohh Chata, Melon Blast, Majestic Bru, Lime it Up, Intensity, Ice Berg, Hey Man, Haze Colada, Hardcore, Eve’s Temptation, Double Bubble, Cucumberita, Cotton Clouds, Carnival Nights, Blazen Blue, and 5 Cents a Cup.

Haze tobacco has quite a few enticing flavors, such as Chaitastic, Bananarama, Beat the Heat, and Double Bubble. The sheer variety of flavors, including singular profiles and blends of delicious ingredients, makes Haze shisha tobacco a must-have for any hookah beginner, enthusiast, and connoisseur. presents to you the finest Haze tobacco flavors to have ever released, including the latest launches.

Dive into the Deliciousness of Haze Tobacco

Haze tobacco Purple Krush is the richness of grape with sweet coolness of soda. Icy Tango is tangy due to orange and refreshing with its ice mint. Mint Supreme is a dial-up of the minty quotient by several notches. Suga Mint is as sweet as it is minty. Sinful Mint is the goodness of cinnamon blended with natural coolness. Iced Cucumberita is a cucumber margarita with ice. Yummy Madness is the juiciness of candy and gummy rolled into a youthful and vibrant Haze tobacco.

Haze tobacco Whooo Wheee flavor packs peaches with red berries. What A Mint brings peppermint cream with ice. Ultimint is as extreme as you can get with minty flavors. On the other side of the spectrum are Twice the Apple, Trash Can Punch with its fruit fusion and Summer Time with mostly tropical fruits. While Subzero is good for the summer, Skills on the Rocks is an awesome flavor for the winter months. Seduction is a treat for anyone who loves citrus fruits.

Haze tobacco flavors are an unparalleled blend of complementing ingredients. Quack Quack is a frozen mix of fruits. Pumpkin Pleasure is akin to a dessert. Pineapple Krush is sweet and cool in equal measures. Pearlicious is a cool and refreshing beverage of the perennial favorite pear. Peachella is peach and vanilla. Peach Cooler is peach with a tinge of iciness. From Passion fruit Haze tobacco flavor to peanut dessert based Pacoca, orange and cream in Orange Swirl to berries flavor, the grand range of Haze tobacco on offer makes Zahrah a shisha shopper’s favorite store.

Shop for Haze Tobacco at Zahrah

We at Zahrah bring to you three propositions for Haze tobacco in the 250 grams pack. You may bag one can at a time. You may opt for a combination of five or seven cans in one purchase. There are significant discounts on offer. You can mix and match Chaitastic, Frozen Lakes, Ice Tango, Mint Supreme, Pearlicious, Purple Krush, Sinful Mint, Subzero, Suga Mint, Trash Can Punch, Ultimint, Yummy Madness, Double Bubble, Pineapple Krush, and Oh Boy Explosion in the packs of five or seven cans.

The pioneers heading the Haze tobacco team have decades of combined experience. From enthusiasts to experts, the entrepreneurial minds behind every Haze hookah tobacco flavor have come up with game changing wonders over the years. Take the patented ‘Stack N Haze’ containers as an example. Haze tobacco flavors are probably the easiest to store among all hookah shisha products.

Like a few other renowned brands, Haze tobacco is also known for voluminous smoke, satiating flavors, smooth textures, and long-lasting sessions. The Haze shisha tobacco flavors are as fresh as they can be. While most of the bestselling and other Haze tobacco flavors are blends, enthusiasts can further mix and match the combinations for a truly personalized session. Given the vast realm of primary and secondary flavor profiles of Haze tobacco, mixing or blending and then storing them in the patented containers is a wonderful high in itself. Shop for Haze tobacco at Zahrah and choose ‘simply the best’.



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