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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco 1 Kilo

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco 250G

Al Fakher Shisha – An Internationally Renowned Favorite Shisha Brands

Al Fakher is one of the most versatile and favorite shisha brands that are internationally renowned as the best-flavored tobacco brand in the market. This premium brand of flavored tobacco is primarily used by experienced Hookah users because of its great taste, smoke, and consistency. Al Fakher since its early days has been adding new and exciting shisha flavors to their collection to their world-famous Double Apple or Mint shisha flavors. Often revered as the best shisha brand, Al Fakher shisha is a product that should be tasted by all smoking enthusiasts. We at Zahrahusa offer you a diverse collection of classic flavors of Al Fakher shisha to cater to the choice of all hookah lovers. 

The Phenomenon of Al Fakher

Founded in 1999, Al Fakher shisha is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates, and the company has pioneered the production of flavored shisha molasses of the best quality and consistency. The company was initiated as a quality-conscious shisha manufacturer but has today gained the trust and loyalty of worldwide shisha lovers. The company has been highly focused on maintaining the shisha quality, so right from sourcing the best quality ingredients to investing in the most innovative research and development, the company is committed to providing you with the best shisha experience. In the pursuit to achieve excellence, the company has collaborated with the world's leading shisha innovators, blenders, engineers, scientists, and some world-renowned laboratories to produce great-tasting shisha.

The Rise of the Brand

In a limited duration, the company has risen to fame, as today this brand has its presence in more than a hundred counties and is counted amongst the highly trusted shisha brands with innumerable patrons. It is one rare brand that consistently innovates and publishes its scientific research and breakthroughs. The scientific and technological approach of the company complements their traditional knowledge and understanding of hookah tobacco that is rooted in the Middle Eastern culture.

A Glimpse of Al Fakher Shisha

Every Al Fakher shisha is worthwhile and it is unsurprising for a company that is strongly committed to quality. However, the wide spectrum of flavors offered by the company is simply fascinating, as the product range of Al Fakher ranges from simple to strong. The popular shisha flavors comprise various types of fruits and berries. Made up of Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, molasses, glycerin, honey, and natural fruit flavorings, the finest shisha has an exquisite balance of potency and flavors. The company has remained content with the shisha flavors which they have perfected and mastered despite other brands rolling out a plethora of flavors. This is primarily the reason behind every Al Fakher shisha being true to its taste and quality, as all the products are precisely what it claims to be on the packaging.   

The uniqueness of Al Fakher Shisha

Al Fakher has been a pioneer producer of traditional shisha that is worldwide known for its strong and simple flavors. Made using the finest tobacco leaves and flaring infusion, every shisha flavor has a fine balance of strength and potency. Al Fakher shisha is apart from all other shisha brands because of Middle Eastern heritage and roots. At Zahrah, we bring to you a wide range of Al Fakher shisha that is known for its full flavors and smooth smoke. We stock only original and authentic Al Fakher shisha that are approved after rigorous testing. For all the Al Fakher shisha connoisseurs our online store is their ultimate shopping destination.    

Exclusive Collection of Al Fakher Shisha Flavors

Hookah enthusiasts will find over three dozen shisha flavors at our online store that are classified as Base, Core, and Sparcs.


The Base shisha flavors include Ivory Gold, Wicked Emerald, Polar Freeze, and Amber Rise. Ivory Gold is a rich creamy add-on, Wicked Emerald is a spicy deep cardamom flavor, Polar Freeze is for the cooling effect, and Amber Rise is for those looking for sour notes or some tangy undertone.


The Core Al Fakher shisha flavors are complemented by the Base flavors and incudes Mint, Two Apples, Gum, Orange, Coconut, Sweet Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Berry, Grape, Guava, Grapefruit, Fresh, Cocktail, Mango, Super Lemon Mint, Grenadine, Strawberry, Kiwi, Melon, Vanilla, and Watermelon. These flavors are smooth, rich, strong but not choky. The Mint flavor is cool, Two Apples is delicately tart with anise undertone, Gum is light and minty, Orange is delightfully zesty, Coconut is creamy and cool, Sweet Passion Fruit is intensely tart, Blueberry is delicious and fragrant, Peach is tangy and smooth, Cherry is rich, Berry is intense, Grape is as rich as aromatic, Guava is woody and earthy, Grapefruit is citrusy, and Fresh is literally refreshing. Cocktail has an intense flavor palate, Mango is rich and creamy, Super Lemon Mint is a blend of piquant flavors, Grenadine brings all the tartness and cherry notes of pomegranates, Strawberry is lingeringly tangy, Kiwi is densely flavorful, Melon is fresh and zesty, Vanilla is intensely creamy yet smooth, and Watermelon is the freshness every smoker longs for.


The Al Fakher Sparcs shisha range includes Cool Menthol, Fierce Fruit, Basil Blast, Sub Zero, Minty Fresh, Sour Power, and Smooth Cream. Cool Menthol is icy, Fierce Fruit packs bold berries, Basil Blast is naturally fragrant and spicy, Sub Zero is a blast, Minty Fresh is precisely what it says it is, Sour Power is lemony and tangy, and Smooth Cream is as indulgent as you would expect with a tinge of vanilla.

Shop for your Favorite Al Fakher Shisha

We at Zahrahusa have an ever-expanding inventory of Al Fakher shisha flavors that include earlier as well as recent releases. All the upcoming shisha flavors get included in their distinct categories as soon as after their launch. You just need to browse our Al Fakher shisha collection to choose your favorite flavor. If any of your preferred flavors are out of stock, you can contact us and we will keep you abreast with the availability update. Our online store follows transparent shipping and returns policies, so you can order your choice of Al Fakher shisha and get it delivered to your doorstep. In case of any query, you can get in touch with our experts to receive their assistance.   

Buy Al Fakher Shisha at Reasonable Prices

We are proud to offer you an expansive collection of Al Fakher shisha flavors at affordable prices. You can enjoy markdowns on many hookah products offered at our store including Al Fakher shisha. We also announce sales from time to time to allow you to buy hookah and shisha products at pocket-friendly prices. To provide you with a hassle-free shopping experience we provide different modes of shipping and you can opt for expedited shipping if you need to quickly restock your Al Fakher shisha essentials.

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