Wookah Hookah Overview

Wookah Hookah Overview


Today we want to take a quick look at the ever-popular wooden hookah brand, Wookah. Wookah has named product of the year in 2015 thanks to its outstanding make and uniqueness. Each Wookah is handcrafted to your tastes using top quality wood like oak, walnut, and the exotic merbau. Built to last and designed to look like the next best thing, the Wookah will have you completely satisfied with its performance, quality and overall build.

Complimenting the glistening and polished wood stems is a V2A stainless steel cut with precision technology by CNC Lathe machines. This means that the metal is highly durable and does not retain any shisha flavor for a fresh, clean smoke each time. You have the option to choose between eight different crystal base designs that will fit perfectly with the wooden stem, resulting in a beautiful masterpiece.

Receive only the best of materials that are meant to last but also give an elegant and classy touch to your hookah sessions. You can purchase the Wookah hookahs from our online store, but word of advice would be to order quick. These don't last on our shelves for long!

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