Top Hookah Base Liquids for A Stimulating Hookah Session

Top Hookah Base Liquids for A Stimulating Hookah Session


From newbie to avid hookah smokers, everyone would authenticate that filling in the base with some liquid completes your hookah setup. The fluid in the base makes the session pleasant and smooth by cooling the smoke. If the fluid is not sufficient in the base, the smoke will feel dry, and the flavor will be harsh. Earlier, the hookah base was filled with water. As hookah smoking got globally popular, many tried different fluids with their hookah. Today, we are going to share such tried and tested liquids for your hookah base.

Water: Cooling down the smoke

Water is the most popular, widely used liquid for your hookah base. It is flavorless and clean; thus, it doesn’t alter the taste or anything of your smoke. The purpose of the liquid is to cool the smoke, and water precisely serves the purpose well. Using water in the base allows smokers to break down the tobacco flavors and enjoy them better.

Fruit Juice: Adding a fruity boost to your hookah

Many of the hookah smokers love smoking fruit tobacco. It is time to amp up your session a little with some fruit juice in your hookah base. You can try adding juices of grapes, apples, oranges, cranberry and many more. Fruit juice boosts the flavors of your shisha, but some feel it blankets and make it overly sweet.

If you are filling your base with fruit juice, be ready to work hard to maintain your hookah. Fruit juice has an extreme sugar content and tends to make the inside of the base sticky and create molds. It is essential to cleanse it after every use thoroughly.

A simple trick can ease maintenance. Dilute fruit juice with water in 50-50 ratio, before pouring it into the base. The dilution will give a better stickiness and reduce its sweetness. You can alter the percentage depending on your preference.

Soda or Pop: Making it fizzy

Like fruit juice, soda or pop will also give you a punch of sweetness. Moreover, it contains carbonation that makes it fizzy. Be prepared to experience something unexpected when using soda in your base. Initially, it can get a bit rough because of the built-up fizziness in the bottom. Pop in the base can also alter the flavors of your shisha. If you like the fizzy kick of soda, then you must give it a try.  Otherwise, try removing the fizz from your soda by slowly opening the cap. If it is strongly flavored, try diluting it with some water.

Milk: Adding a creamy touch to your bowl

After water, milk is probably the most popular liquid used in the base. Even it is advertised and served at many hookah lounges for an extra charge. It tastes pretty neutral and doesn’t affect the shisha flavors much except adding a slight creaminess to it. Many people claim that milk in the base gives you a thicker smoke outcome. The milk gets warm as you go on smoking. The hot smoke passes through the milk before reaching the hose. The heat of the smoke gets into the base liquid, making it warm.

Milk doesn’t have an extended shelf life. It is better to take that extra step ahead and clean your hookah base very thoroughly. If you don’t clean your base properly, and if there is any residue of milk in there, it will go stale and smell rotten. The smell will be transferred into your next smoke session and spoil everything.

Coffee: For those who love a kick of caffeine

There are many coffee lovers out there, who may like to add it in their hookahs as well. Adding a dilution of coffee, in your base will add great flavors. You can also try coffee creamers, but you need to clean up after the smoke to prevent the formation of funk and mold.

Different people have different taste. Which one do you think you are going to try next? Will you go with the safest liquid “water” or try creamy milk or some fizzy soda? Whatever you choose, don’t forget to clean your hookah (including the hookah base, hose and stem) afterwards.

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