Top 5 Creamy Tobacco Flavors for Your Upcoming Hookah Sessions

Top 5 Creamy Tobacco Flavors for Your Upcoming Hookah Sessions


No one in this world would possibly dislike a beautiful creamy bowl of hookah. There aren’t many cream-based hookah tobacco in the market, so we have picked out the best flavors that fit the flavor profile in this blog.

  • Trifecta Peppermint Shake

If you need something unique and delicious to impress your gang, then Trifecta Tobacco Peppermint Shake is your flavor. The tobacco is made use of blonde leaves and features peppermint flavor but with a strong creamy note.

  • Al Fakher Mint Cream

Al Fakher is a name that needs no introduction; however, many are unaware of their creamy blends. One such combination is Al Fakher Mint Cream that makes amazing mixes when not smoked as a solo flavor. It gives you an enjoyable cooling effect with every pull.

  • Social Smoke Horchata Cajeta

Give your creamy hookah bowl a nice zesty touch with some Social Smoke Horchata Cajeta. It is tasty blonde leaf tobacco with a sweet, spicy hint of cinnamon that gives out a premium creamy flavor. People love it most for its smoke output apart from its cinnamon flavors.

The name may be a little deceptive, but the flavors are accurate and worth being on the list. It is a blend of cream and vanilla. You can try it as a solo flavor or mix in other flavors to create a new enjoyable recipe of your own.

  • Tangiers Welsh Cream

Tangiers Welsh Cream is one blend that has nailed the creamy flavor profile accurately and became a crowd-favorite in no time. Being dark leaf tobacco, it will give you a strong buzz along with a rich taste like butterscotch caramel and or Irish cream along with some notes of sweet spices.

So, which one of these creamy tobaccos you will try next?

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