The Ultimate HMD Battle: Kaloud Lotus II vs. Starbuzz NAR Head

The Ultimate HMD Battle: Kaloud Lotus II vs. Starbuzz NAR Head


Many new Heat Management Devices are getting launched these days that feature brilliant design and features. Those who are planning to get one of these HMDs may get overwhelmed with these pieces and wonder how you can compare them. For this reason, we are running a comparison between the latest Kaloud Lotus II (the new version) with Starbuzz NAR Head that has been in the market for quite some time now. It will be a detailed one, so let’s hurry and start checking them out.


Kaloud Lotus II comes in a beautiful sleek gold and black package which is a little bigger than the original Lotus package. Inside the package comes the Lotus II (base and the cover both), a lid remover, and a triangular card that certifies the authenticity of the product. It looks magnificent. Starbuzz NAR Head also comes in an elegant packaging. Inside you get the NAR head and a carrying case. You will find the NAR Head handles in the case. All the instructions of the Starbuzz HMD are mentioned on the outer package itself.


Unlike the original Kaloud Lotus, this version II is different design-wise. The head of the Kaloud Lotus II appears like an eggshell with some flowery designs. It got a lovely appearance. It has a cover-remover that you need to put into a vent to lift it–you may find it a little inconvenient to engage the handle repeatedly to maneuver it. There are holes on the top, but they cannot be opened or closed. You need to lift the cover to facilitate airflow. Starbuzz NAR Head has a unique military-styled look. The most important thing is the built-in thermometer in the cover that tells you the exact temperature of the coal. NAR appears taller, has some air slots on the sides, and some more on the sidewalls of the base part. There are airflow vents on the cover that you can cover. It has two detachable handles, one for the top and another for the base. However, to adjust the top vent you need to have a pair of tongs. 

User Experience

One can draw the best comparison when the two Heat Management Devices are tested with similar kinds of hookah setup.

  • The Kaloud Lotus II design lacks a lip underneath the base part, which becomes a little problematic at times. It can easily slide off, which didn’t happen with its previous version. The tall built of Starbuzz NAR Head may appear bulky; however, it offers a perfect snug-fit with most of the standard hookah bowls. The lip underneath the base prevents any movement of the device.
  • Coals and Set Up.Covering the lid of the Lotus II is a little tricky as you need to balance the handle, lift it and you need to be very careful while doing so. Generally, two to three heated coals are enough to get the Kaloud Lotus II going in three to five minutes, Starbuzz NAR Head takes a bit longer to get ready. It is mainly because it is made using thick and heavy material that makes the HMD very sturdy in the long run. For this reason, we advise you to preheat your NAR head alongside your coals to give your session a quick start. Kindly ensure to place the coals towards the edges, creating enough space in the middle for the thermometer. Try to place the handles on either side to prevent it from tripping over.
  • When compared to the previous version, the Kaloud Lotus II offers a similar outcome. The only difference is the design. Moreover, the previous version was easier to handle – one can remove the lid with the attached handle, use a tong to adjust the base vents. With the new Lotus II, fitting in the handle and then working on it is a big deal. Comparatively, Starbuzz NAR Head takes a big longer if not preheated. If you didn’t heat the head, be patient. If you smoke when it is not properly ready, you won't get the desired outcome. 

Once Starbuzz NAR Head reaches the ideal temperature, you will find it to be an ideal Heat Management Device to complete your setup with.

Bottom Line

The purpose of an HMD is to provide the right amount of heat to your shisha and avoid making a messing of burnt coals flying around. Hence, when you are picking up an HMD for yourself consider all the elements including the design elements, air vent positions, handle settings, thermometer, built quality, and others. At the end of the day, it is the heat that matters the most!

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