The art of mixing flavors

The art of mixing flavors


Every hookah enthusiast is guilty of mixing shisha, for better or worse. Don’t feel bad though because mixing is an art and one that takes practice and repetition before achieving greatness. With so many endless flavors of shisha to choose from, you have a limitless array of options to mix and match to create your own masterpieces. Combining flavors is exciting, takes a little bit of math, and a definite knowledge of your shisha and bowl packing ways. I’m going to let you in on two mixing methods that will blow your mind.

The first is blending, which is quite easy and fun to boot! Blending will lead to a homogenous mixture, which means no surprises when smoking. You will begin and end with the same flavor. You should start with layering your hookah tobacco, beginning with the strongest flavor first. Two to three flavor combinations are recommended since adding more will make things a bit sloppy, but it can be done! Layering is also good to prevent unnecessary wastage of tobacco; you’ll use exactly what you need. After you have layered the flavors it is time to dump it out and start blending it all together thoroughly with your hands or a utensil if you so wish. A clean, non—porous surface is best. Pack it again and start enjoying!


The second method is sectioning. Sectioning means packing each type of flavored shisha side by side. This method requires a complete understanding of flavor in order to get the correct ratios. A bolder flavor will require less shisha (a smaller section) than a subtle flavor. Sectioning will retain the entities of each shisha tobacco, which means a variable smoking experience and flavor all in one! It is also the method that will require more time, experience and effort on your part.

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