How to pack Fumari Hookah Tobacco

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  • 26 November , 2018
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Fumari tobacco is more juicy and moist than other tobacco brands so a phunnel type bowl is recommended, though not necessary. Before beginning anything, you should massage the package to incorporate the juice and the tobacco together. Afterwards, break up the tobacco by stirring it with a fork while in the package. Once this done, lightly sprinkle small doses of broken up tobacco in the bowl. Make sure to distribute the tobacco evenly and get all the gaps that are close to the walls of your bowl. When packing it down with your fork, do it cautiously, you do not want to pack it densely, just level it evenly. A lightly packed bowl should still have approximately 2 mm of space left from the bowl’s rim. Take a second look at your tobacco, though there should be no gaps close to the walls you want the tobacco to not be clumped together. The tobacco should be sparse throughout, with small gaps in-between for perfect cloud and flavor production. Before smoking, wipe away any excess or spilled tobacco on the side of your bowl or inside the hole (if any fell through). You can use a Fumari poker for this job. You are now ready to smoke. I hope you had those coals warming up before starting the packing process, enjoy!
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