Five Fantastic Fumari Shisha Mix Recipes

Five Fantastic Fumari Shisha Mix Recipes


Fumari Shisha brings you some wonderful Shishas that can be easily mixed up to create some personalized recipes. Anyone can become an expert mixologist with these hookah tobaccos. Today, we have brought you fantastic five Fumari mixes that will woo you in no time. Get your pen and paper ready and get started;

  • Caribbean ‘Celo. It is a nice tropical blend of Caribbean Colada and Limoncello in the ratio of 3:1. Caribbean Colada features a creamy pineapple flavor with some beautiful traces of coconut and citrus. Limoncello adds in a sweet and sour note to it. You can place with the proportion and placement to make it more personalized.
  • That’s A Zesty Papaya. For the first time, we got papaya in a recipe. Fumari Island Papaya is a stunning tobacco with some unique melon profile in it. We made it super zesty with some Mandarin Zest and a very small portion of Fumari Sweet Mint. The perfect ratio for the recipe is 5:12:3 where Papaya takes on the major portion followed by Mandarin and Mint.
  • Spiced Mocha’nilla. It is another great blend prepared using Fumari tobaccos. One is Mochaccino which got a smooth coffee flavor with slight hints of spice and chocolate in it.  Adding a bit of Fumari’s Spiced Chai to it, give it a nice spicy punch. We added very little of Vanilla to give it a nice creamy touch. The ratio for this recipe is 5:5:2 where Vanilla is the smallest part.
  • Orange Sherbert. It is a sweet treat that is a blend of two main flavors in 50-50 ratio; Fumari Orange Cream and Ambrosia. You can also reduce the Orange part by half and add Fumari Tangelo in its place.
  • Whauva Mint. This flawless recipe features Fumari White Peach, fresh Guava and Citrus Mint in the proportion of 8:8:9. You can play with the proportions yourself.

Though these recipes are a summertime crowd-favorite, you can have it any season you want. So, which recipe is your favorite?

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