Five Amazing Tangiers Shisha Blends

Five Amazing Tangiers Shisha Blends


Tangiers has often taken the road less travelled among shisha brands. Leviathan or Blitzsturm, French Jelly, cucumber based Summer Resort, spices based Kashmir Black, Absinthe, Apricot Spring Blend, Brambleberry, Kiwi, Clove, Horchata, It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal, and It’s Like That Other Breakfast Cereal, are some of the many distinct flavors introduced by Tangiers.

With dozens of Tangiers flavors including its Noir to choose from, it becomes quite difficult to be decisive and then there is the enticing world of blends. There is so much you can do with the Tangiers flavors that the entire year could go by and you may still be experimenting with something new. For those who love mixes, here are five amazing Tangiers shisha blends to sweep you off your feet.

12005 Blueberry and Papaya Sorbet

Almost every major shisha brand has a blueberry flavor. Some brands manufacture several blueberry based flavors and blends. To put it simply, there are blueberry shishas and there is the 2005 Blueberry from Tangiers. The latter is in a league of its own. The creamy texture and taste upon exhale makes this tobacco an undisputed winner. And, when you blend this with Papaya Sorbet, then you get a champion among winners.

You can opt for an even mix of these two flavors, or be generous with the Papaya Sorbet as it has the weaker flavor profile. If you are going for an even mix, then you may opt for a top layer of the Papaya Sorbet. There is no need to segregate the two flavors during mixing. An even thorough blending works just fine. 

2.  Cherry Limeade and Mimon

This is again an even blend of two immensely popular flavors from Tangiers. You can go for two distinct layers of these flavors, or pack the bowl with each taking one half of the space. Both these tobaccos are quite impressive as standalone flavors, so there is no need to go heavy and generous with either, during the mixing.

Cherry Limeade is one of the more recent releases from Tangiers. Mimon has been around for a bit. The mint and lemon of Mimon blends well with the cherry and lime of Cherry Limeade. If you are wondering whether or not this blend would be too minty, tarty, lemony, or citrusy, then you can rest assured that the combination is as soothing as you can imagine. The natural mint leaf in Mimon tastes much better than peppermint. While some minty flavors can be a little cooler, the combination of these two flavors is finely balanced.

3. Lemon Tea and Kashmir Guajava

While many have dabbled with Lemon Tea, not every company has had the kind of success Tangiers encountered when the flavor was launched several years ago. The flavor went off the shelves for reasons unknown. It is now back, and thus makes for a fitting time to be teamed up with another mesmerizing flavor, the Kashmir Guajava.

For those uninitiated about the numerous flavors of Tangiers, the brand has quite a few Kashmiri spices and flora based tobaccos. Guajava is basically yellow guava. Lemon Tea of Tangiers is sweet and not tangy. This goes very well with the fresh and earthy tones of Kashmir Guajava. The fruit in the latter also adds to the uniqueness. The result is delicious smoke with rich flavors and a subtle coolness.

4. Leviathan / Blitzsturm and Jamaica

Leviathan is a lavender based flavor from Tangiers. Anyone who has shopped around a bit is aware of how difficult it is to get a lavender based shisha flavor, leave aside obtaining a quality product that can be totally relied upon. Leviathan or Blitzsturm is precisely that what many want. Blend it with Jamaica, not the rum flavor but the hibiscus flower and you will never forget the combination.

Leviathan is lavender with menthol, so it is cool and minty. There is a pronounced back note profile in the flavor. Jamaica brings in the floral notes with hints of strawberry or bright cranberry. Don’t go heavy with the Leviathan proportion in the mix as the smoke can be excessively cool. Jamaica should form around sixty to seventy percent of this mix.

5. It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal and Pineapple

Fans of Froot Loops should certainly try this combination. It’s Like That One Breakfast is Tangiers’ cereal based flavor, combining cherry, lemon, grape, and citrus. When this is blended with the phenomenally sweet Pineapple of Tangiers, the mix is nothing short of magic. Gear up for a juicy smoking experience with this fascinating combination.

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