D-hose Hookah Hose: One of the best hoses on the market

D-hose Hookah Hose: One of the best hoses on the market


Here at Zahrah, we have tried dozens of hookah hoses over the years and have come across hoses in all shapes and sizes. The one we would choose as our go to hose is the D-Hose.


The D-hose has come to save the day with a unique combination of aluminum and silicon. The hose is made from surgical grade silicone. The handle features a smooth silicone finished wrap in the middle while the rest of the traditional style hose has a modern twist and grip to it. The silicone wrap may not be removable, but it is easy to wipe off.

The D-hose has an excellent draw, which varies very slightly between editions, but this hose does the job nicely. You may have a bit of an issue finding tips for the opening considering its larger size. Another thing to consider is the fact that this hose is heavier than most, which may be a good thing for some and a bad characteristic for others. It requires a bit of maintenance but it is a wonderful hose with a wide draw that most others do not have.

The high quality of the silicone is also serves to reduce and eliminate ghosting. Ghosting is when flavor is left behind from a particularly strong shisha and gets blended into a new shisha flavor, resulting in a nonpure smoke. The D-hose also features anodized aluminum, which prevents rust and corrosion. The hose comes beautifully packaged in a heavy cardboard box that makes everything seem more elegant. It is also available in an array of colors, such as blue, red, gold, black, and more!

You can purchase the D-hose from our online store by clicking here.

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