Zahrah H2O Bowls: Fine Art Meets Innovation

Zahrah H2O Bowls: Fine Art Meets Innovation



The Zahrah H2O Bowls are the latest innovation from the labs of Zahrah Hookah that take the art of traditional Egyptian clay bowls to the next level. If you're wondering the significance of the name of the bowls, H2O, it has to do with the inner anatomy of the bowl. We have built a channel for water to be stored on the outer edge of the bowl in order to keep the tobacco cool so that it can last longer. Keeping the tobacco cool while smoking allows it to burn slower and have a smoother draw.


The Zahrah H2O clay bowls are hand made and feature a 3 inch opening. They are fully compatible with the Kaloud Lotus heat management system and can fit up to 30 grams of tobacco.


You can purchase the Zahrah H2O bowls from our store soon. If you'd like to try out the bowls, please visit us at our booth at TPE 2016 in Las Vegas.

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