The Large Variety of Hookah Bowls


Hookah Bowls


When packing a hookah bowl to smoke, you have many options to choose from when it comes to the type of bowl that you can use. Largely, the most common bowl that has been used by smokers for decades has been the Egyptian clay bowl but with modern advancements in technology and manufacturing, bowls with alternate materials have started to gain a lot more attention worldwide. Some of the most popular alternatives to the classic Egyptian clay bowls are glass hookah bowls and silicon aluminum bowls.

Beyond material types in hookah bowls, there are also various shapes to choose from that alter the smoking experience. For example, some of the popular shapes are funnel and vortex. The advantage of funnel hookah bowls is that they are raised from the center so the juice from the tobacco stays in the bowl without leaking down the pipe. On the other hand, the advantage of using a vortex hookah bowl is that the airflow is not restricted by the shisha placement inside the bowl because the holes are placed high and pull air from the side rather than the top.

Once you've selected the perfect combination for the bowl you'd like to use, also look into a heat management system like the Kaloud Lotus. Kaloud Lotus helps distribute heat evenly throughout the bowl so that the tobacco does not burn out too quick.

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