Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem: Traditional Design Meets Modern Build


Meet the Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem, a classic design with a modern touch. When our design team sat down to draw the Zahrah Spade, we had two goals in mind. We wanted a  design that embodies a classic look but with a sturdy build and a design that is excellent in practical use.

The Zahrah Spade comes with a metal built stem along with an aluminum tray. The tray is stamped with dotted dimples (pictured below) that allow extra charcoal to sit comfortably without getting dark or damaged. The tray's dotted design allows for easier cleaning once its time to cleanup.

The stem has a highly practical design that's extremely user friendly. We opted to ditch the screw-in threaded adapters and instead, go with 4 plugin adapters that can easily allow the user to attach 4 hoses.

The Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem fits any standard Egyptian base or a Bohemian base. Similar to the adapters, the stem does not need to be screwed in to the base. The stem uses air suction to form a tight and sturdy grip between the stem and the base.

The stem comes in red, blue, black, and green colors and will be available starting May 15th. We will be taking pre-orders starting May 1.

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